[Download] Jupiter cover William Sheller’s ‘Oh! J’Cours Tout Seul’



Here’s a sparking slice of French Pop courtesy of our favourite Parisians Jupiter. The DiscoPop duo have delivered this cover of Oh! J’Cours Tout Seul, a track from 1979 by French songwriter William Sheller. Jupiter obviously love the song, as this cover version is made with pure love, pure synthesizer love.

The bass warbles, the synths stab, and the vocals are eminently enjoyable whether you speak French or not. A rich vintage feel permeates every note of this track, Jupiter’s version of Oh! J’Cours Tout Seul just oozes a sexy cool. With a little Disco guitar in the background to give it a slinky groove, this is one hell of a retro electronic wonder.

Jupiter – Oh! J’Cours Tout Seul (William Sheller Cover)

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