[Audio] Crayon’s ‘Give You Up’



The latest EP coming out of Yuksek’s Partyfine label comes from French producer Crayon, which is just confusing. So, we get that he appears to now have properly dropped the ‘Le’ from his name (as in, no longer ‘Le Crayon’), but I think they forgot to tell loads of people because this very new release is still listed in some stores (hello, Juno!) as being by. Le Crayon. If we were Crayons management we would have very much advised against the name change, it’s becoming a bit of a mess, but we guess he had his reasons and they are his own.

Anyway, on to the EP. So, we’ve got two luscious House tunes by the names of Downgraders and To The Moon, both decadently deep and both all too short along side the EP’s main even, Give You Up. Featuring Australian singer, Chookie Music’s awesome KLP lending a swoosh of 80s Electronic Soul vocal stylings, Give You Up is a blissful slice of Disco tinged retro Pop. With a rolling synth bassline and shimmering keys flowing onto, Give You Up, calls to mind the charts of ‘86/’87 and that breezy Pop R&B vibe (before R&B got into an abusive relationship with Hip Hop). Catchy as hell, there no way you can’t love this tune. The EP also crams in two fine reMixes from Yuksek himself, and reMixes from Blende and Darius, A flavour of Disco for every occasion.

♫ Crayon (Feat. KLP) – Give You UP

Crayon’s Give You Up is out now.

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[Audio] Juveniles’ ‘Strangers’, with reMixes from Jupiter & Le Crayon



French ElectroPoppers Juveniles are back this week with a brand new single and some tasty reMixes. Strangers was released yesterday, this first since last November’s Through The Night re-release, and is taken from the duo’s forthcoming début album. reMixes in the package come from the stellar line-up of Jupiter and Le Crayon.

Strangers is a rollicking slice of Indie-Electro produced by none other than Yuksek, and you can tell. The track has a bit of that Yuksek raw Disco sound. Heavy on the bass, Strangers works subdued verses in order to deliver the anthemic good in the choruses. Fellow French duo Jupiter’s take on the tracks is hypnotically basslined Space Disco epic where strange synth melodies intertwine around each other and the vocals. In contest, Le Crayon bring the proper laid back vintage Disco vibe to the song, using spacious electric piano and a warbling bass tone to roll-out an solid groove. All-in-all, we think the Jupiter version is out favourite, but the whole single is good work.

♫ Juveniles – Strangers

♫ Juveniles – Strangers (Jupiter reMix)

♫ Juveniles – Strangers (Le Crayon reMix)

Juveniles’ Strangers is out this week.

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Daze’s ‘New York 1984’


Out this week is the new single from French Disco guru Daze. This time he’s joined by Girl Is Tough for New York 1984, which could end up being one of the surprise hits of the summer. Prepare to feel good, ‘cos, quite frankly, here’s no other way to feel when this tune is on.

So, New York 1984 is the perfect slice of funky Disco. It’s loaded with the kinds of pumping bass, squelchy Moog leads and wicked Disco licks you’d expect from the best of Nu-Disco, but what pushes it over the edge to greatness is the addition of  Girl Is Tough smooth and sexy vocals. Fu and soulful the vocals bring out the late night groove in the track. there’s a whole host of reMixes, but the picks come from one of our favourite producers Pyramid, who plays around with the vocals over a beautiful five minutes of cosmic, analog, Disco flavoured SynthWave. He really makes the track epic. Also stepping up is Le Crayon who brings out the ‘70’s Disco flavour in the track and rounds off the track with a soaring synth solo that sets the track on fire.  The prefect summer groove.

♫ Daze (Feat. Girl Is Tough) – New York 1984

♫ Daze (Feat. Girl Is Tough) – New York 1984 (Pyramid reMix)

♫ Daze (Feat. Girl Is Tough) – New York 1984 (Le Crayon reMix)

New York 1984 is out now.

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Le Crayon reMixes Justice’s ‘D.A.N.C.E.’


Finding yourself loving half the new Justice album but a little disappointed by the “let’s strip apart ‘60’s Prog Rock and make even more mediocre ‘60’s Prog Rock out of it” other half? Well Le Crayon has your antidote.

Ahh, remember the days of ‘D.A.N.C.E.’? Le Crayon does and has dropped an awesome reworking that brings it up to date a little  and gives it a nice heavy Disco-House feel. With more of a 2011 groove, in all it’s ironically retro glory, it’s time for ‘D.A.N.C.E.’ to takeover the D.A.N.C.E.floors again.

Justice – D.A.N.C.E (Le Crayon reMix)

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Le Crayon’s new track


Le Crayon’s latest addition to his SoundCloud is a bit of power Disco with a bassline that is aimed squarely at getting the party started.

Beside the killer bass riff, which with rock you when it kicks in, the track has all the elements of a Nu-Disco floorfiller. Wicked Disco licks, majestic breakdowns and this distant sax that floats in and out of the tune and hooks your brain.

Le Crayon – Downside Up

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