[MP3] Jupiter reMixed by Mr. Gonzo



French Nu-Disco producer Mr. Gonzo is on a roll right now. Hot on the heels of his storming new single with Romuald, Gon Be A Thrill, his is the first reMix to break cover from the long rumoured Jupiter reMix album. The amazing Parisian ElectroPop duo have roped in a star studded cast to rework their Juicy Lucy album of last year. Mr. gonzo will be rubbing shoulder with the likes of Little Boots, Yan Wagner, Para One & Tacteel, JBAG, Juveniles, The Supermen Lovers, Steve Moore, Marius, and Colour Vision, which is quite scary company. Let’s see how he does.

Elliot Uppercut, one of the standouts on a stand out album, is the track Gonzo gets to grips with and fully delivers on smooth and sexy French Touch Disco. Despite being quite high energy, Mr. Gonzo manages to keep things on a laid back tip using lush synths and a sliding Disco bassline to their fullest. Amélie’s vocals sound as sweet as ever as the glide over. The synths in this reMix are so think, they melt into the track like chocolate, creating this delicious Disco ooze. This is a track mirrorballs were invented for. It’s so brilliant it’s like an audio lens-flare

Jupiter – Elliot Uppercut (Mr. Gonzo reMix)

Jupiter’s Juicy Lucy reMixed will be released 18th March.

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[Audio] Mr. Gonzo & Romuald’s ‘Gon Be A Thrill’


Mr. Gonzo

This week French producer Mr. Gonzo, who we haven;t heard from in quite a while, released his new single Gon Be a Thrill. The track is a collaboration with Parisian singer of just about everything Romuald, and the two of the together cook up a slick, laid back Disco experience that is just right to hold on to until the summer months.

Gon Be A Thrill is pure sunshine ecstasy. Deep bass grooves and silky smooth synths life the track with an easy, breezy, feeling. Carefree and relaxed, the track is give an Indie-Electro edge with Romuald’s anthemic vocals. This one is built for slow-motion dancing in the sun.

♫ Mr. Gonzo & Romuald – Gon Be a Thrill

Mr. Gonzo & Romuald’s Gon Be a Thrill is out now.

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Mr. Gonzo’s ‘Dance On You’

Mr. Gonzo

It’s been a while since we heard from French producer Mr. Gonzo, since his ‘Extended Play Area’ EP he’s been of around the world DJing and hidden away working on his new single, which is released today on Folistar.

‘Dance On You’ is a massive tune that straddles the line between Nu-Disco and Electro-House. Squelchy funky basses rock the core of the track leaving loads of room for some crazy stabs and vocal snatches. Unmistakable French, ‘Dance On You’ takes the classic French Disco sound and layers it heavily with dirty, grunged up synths. Infectious stuff! The B-Side, ‘Wild Shoes’ is pure slick French Disco, cut up and stuck back together with good-times-glue. This track is slick dancefloor fodder, but amidst all the smooth grooves Mr. Gonzo manages to keep things raw with some subtly use of chainsaw synths. reMixes for the single are supplied by Tagteam Terror and DJ Gero.

♫ Mr. Gonzo – Dance On You

♫ Mr. Gonzo – Wild Shoes

Check out more from Mr. Gonzo on SoundCloud.

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Mr. Gonzo reMixes White Bamby

White Bamby

Mr. Gonzo has stopped by the electronic rumors Inbox with his latest cut, a reMix of White Bamby’s ‘On The Sand’.

Bringing a nice load of dirty Electro Disco to the tunes beach vibes Mr. Gonzo injects some of his slick Parisian noisy groove into the nostalgic ElectroPop tune. Dominated by lush ‘80’s-esque chords that lift the track to a point where you can’t remember anything bad happening ever. It’s just about the party.

♫ White Bamby – On the Sand (Mr. Gonzo reMix)

♫ White Bamby – On the Sand

‘On the Sand ‘ was released this week on Folistar.

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Mr. Gonzo

Parisian producer Mr. Gonzo stopped by the electronic rumors Inbox to give us the lowdown on his recently released EP ‘Extended Play Area’.

He may be operating out of Paris but Mr. Gonzo was observed for the first time in 2010, around the giant elliptical galaxy M87. Which must be where his brand of laid back Cosmic Disco comes from. With some deep grooves and ear warping synths the lead track off the EP, ‘Magic Cherry’ is the kind of thing Buck Rodgers is getting’ down to in the 21st Century (obviously, not this 21st Century, y’know, the future 21st Century), and while we can only imagine what kind of Sci-Fi Disco goodness went goes on in the far future we can console ourselves with the fact that Mr. Gonzo’s slick Nu-Disco tunes are going to get our good old 2011 dancefloors moving.

Mr. Gonzo – Magic Cherry

‘Extended Play Area’ is out now and features three original tunes with support from reMixes by Quentin 909 and Playbic :

Mr. Gonzo @ Beatport

Mr. Gonzo @ Juno

Mr. Gonzo @ 7Digital

Mr. Gonzo @ Amazon

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