[Mixtape] Ronika’s ‘HEY ME… This One’s For You’



Ronika – HEY ME… This One’s For You Mixtape = Ron can be super selfish. She’s gone and made a mixtape just for herself without a though for whether we would like a mixtape too. What make it worse is the she likes all the same music as us, just look at the tracklist she’s put together for herself. We wish we had a mixtape like that to carry us into the weekend…

♫ Ronika – HEY ME… This One’s For You Mixtape

The tracklist;
01. Krystal Klear – One Night Only
02. Toby Tobias – In Your Eyes (Tensnake reMix)
03. Alex Metric & Oliver – Galaxy
04. Portland – Deezy Daisy (Oliver Nelson RMX)
05. Gigamesh – Don’t Stop
06. PWNDTIAC – Ready
07. Charli XCX – Boom Clap (Aeroplane reMix)
08. Alison Valentine – Curious
09. Neptune Safari (Feat. Clara La San) – Morning Sun (Funk LeBlanc reMix)
10. MiGHty mOUse (Feat. Ronika) – See Through You
11. Julio Bashmore – Rhythm Of Auld
12. BB Brunes – Stereo (Jupiter reMix)
13. Justin Faust – Girl Talk
14. DropOut Orchestra (Feat. Ronika) – Dream Denial (Husky reMix)
15. Lucy Pearl – Don’t Mess With My Man (Le Marquis Mix)
16. James Curd (Feat.Yeah Boy) – Lets Bounce (Miguel Campbel Mix)
17. Glen Check – Pacific (Justin Faust reMix)

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[Audio] Ronika’s ‘Wiyoo’ reMixed by Jupiter



Our relationship with her tune Wiyoo is almost as long our relationship with Ronika herself. Her second single; the track also appeared on electronic rumors volume 1, and then reMixed by Substatic on the cunningly titled electronic rumors Volume 1: The reMix EP, so you could say Wiyoo has been pretty influential in our journey from blog to label. Ass has been shaken to it on more than one occasion too.

In advance of the long awaited release of Ron’s début album, Selectadisc (review coming soon, possibly the most personal thing we’ve ever written), here come this brand new reMix of Wiyoo from French DiscoPop dynamic duo Jupiter. The Parisians drop the tempo slightly and deliver slab loads of thick synth funk with a playful, cheesy, Pop heart. Ron’s vocals glide over a bed of springy deep bass, airy analog stabs and an earworm of a lead hook. Mixing up French Disco with a little LA Funk vibe, Jupiter serve up a completely different take on the track.

♫ Ronika – Wiyoo (Jupiter reMix)

Ronika’s Selectadisc is due out 2nd June.

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[Mixtape] Ronika’s ‘Shut Up And Kiss Me Mixtape’



Ronika – Shut Up And Kiss Me Mixtape = Who wants an hour and a half of Ronika’s handpicked? We all do, obviously. gearing up for the release of her début album, Selectadisc, next month; Ron drops some smashing tracks (including a fair few we’ve featured on these pages) so you know your in for a cavalcade of Boogie and Disco to set up your weekend.

Ronika – Shut Up And Kiss Me Mixtape

The tracklist:
01. The Subs (Feat. Colonel Abrahams) – Trapped
02. Club Nouveau – Jealousy
03. Nine Lives – Adagio
04. Kid Sister – You Ain’t Really Down
05. New Look – Janet
06. Fox The fox – Precious Little Diamond
07. Ronika – Shell Shocked
08. Justus Kohncke – Tell Me
09. Mild Peril – Galatine
10. Jessy Lanza – Keep Moving
11. Vivien Vee – Higher
12. Neptune Safari (Feat. Clara la San) – Morning Sun (Funk Le Blanc reMix)
13. Broke One – Lightheart
14. Matt Zo – Like It Used To Be
15. John Wizards – Lyongwe
16. Fingerman – Like 2 Baby
17. George Duke – Reach Out
18. Ronika – Wiyoo (Jupiter reMix)
19. The Sequence – I Just Want To Know
20. Donna Allen – Serious
21. Persnickety All Stars – One Hundred And Nine (Mr. Snippy Mix)
11. Chela – Zero

Ronika’s Selectadisc is due out 2nd June.

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