[Audio] Miami Horror’s ‘Love Like Mine’



Australian Indie-ElectroPop outfit Miami Horror storm back in massive Disco style with news of their forthcoming, and long awaited, new album. The new record is due to land in April and the announcement is heralded by the injection into your ears of the huge new single, Love Like Mine. Once again quartet team up with LA singer Cleopold do deliver something absolutely infection. Listen up.

Love Like Mine is full on summertime Indie-Disco with stratospheric production values. A blockbuster DancePop track with groove by the boatload. Squealing retro synths and squelchy stabs find their place amongst wicked Disco licks and a spirited horn section. All Possible Futures  is looking like it’s going to be one of the albums of the summer at this rate.

♫ Miami Horror (Feat. Cleopold) – Love Like Mine

Miami Horror’s All Possible Futures is released 21st April.

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[Audio] Keljet reMixes That’s Nice’s ‘Holiday’



Dutch floorfillers Keljet have turned in yet another new reMix. This duo seem to be workaholics, every month there’s some brand new, euphoric, tunes from these guys. This time they are taking on the latest single from Aussie Indie dude That’s Nice. The single features Miami Horror’s Josh Moriarty on vocal duties and is called Holiday. Check out Keljet injecting the beats.

Keljet keep things fun and tropical with this mix. Dragging the tune to the dancefloor Keljet drop solid Disco beats liberally peppered with smile inducing Island leads over pulsating synth bass. This is a pure no trouble track. Carefree and breezy, Keljet bring nothing but good times on their reMix. How could anyone not be in a good mood after rocking to this?

♫ That’s Nice (Feat. Josh Moriarty) – Holiday (Keljet reMix)

That’s Nice’s Holiday is out now

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[Download] Rogue Vogue reMixes Miami Horror’s ‘Wild Motion (Set It Free)’


Miami Horror

Australian Indie-ElectroPoppers Miami Horror are on the road to releasing their sophomore album later this year; ahead of which they have unleashed the single Wild Motion (Set It Free). The original leans slightly toward the jangle Indie guitar side of things, but Chicago finest purveyor of the city’s House sound, Rogue Vogue, is here to bring the track kicking and screaming back to the dancefloor with this infectious reMix.

Sitting alongside a version from RAC’s Pete Herbert on the official release this reMix is surely the releases highlight and available here to download. Cranking his retro House sound up to 11, Rogue Vogue heaps on the shuffling 909 hats and a deep Organ hook the worms it;s way into your brain. Pushing the anthemic vocals to the fore, Rogue Vogue conjures up a track that is both hardcore floorfilling material and a song that retains it;s Pop sensibilities. We can’t ask for more than that can we?

Miami Horror – Wild Motion (Set It Free) (Rogue Vogue reMix)

Miami Horror’s Wild Motion (Set It Free) is out now.

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[Video] Miami Horror’s ‘Colours In The Sky’


Miami Horror   Colours In The Sky ft. CLEOPOLD  Official    YouTube

There’s finally a video int he wild for Aussie ElectroPoppers Miami Horror and Cleopold’s amazing singe from November last year, Colours In The Sky. And it’s just as dreamlike as the track itself.

Frequent collaborator Victor Pakpour directs the lush and decedent clip that’s pretty vintage and pretty creepy.

Miami Horror’s Colours In The Sky is out now.

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[Audio] Miami Horror’s ‘Colours In The Sky’



So, Aussie ElectroPoppers Miami Horror’s new single, Real Slow has been getting quite the hammering at electronic rumors HQ recently. If you’re so inclined to pick up the track on 7” from Neon Gold, you’ll find that it’s a double A-side with this little gem, Colours In The Sky (also out as a digital single this week) which features Cleopold, whoever or whatever that is, it appears to have zero internet presence, so it might be a Victorian entertainer.

Colours In The Sky is exactly four minutes if synthesizer felicity. An almost Chillwavey haze of reverb laden keys and raw piano hooks. It’s a collection of avant-garde noises re configured into a summery Pop song. Intelligent and interesting, Colours In The Sky, alongside Real Slow, has us very much looking forward to hearing their forthcoming sophomore album. Lush synths, hazy vocals, distant melodies and a healthy does of nostalgia. What more could we ask for, well, better weather would be nice, but we guess Miami Horror can’t do everything.

♫ Miami Horror (Feat. Cleopold) – Colours In The Sky

Miami Horror’s Colours In The Sky is out now.

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[Video] Miami Horror’s ‘Real Slow’


Miami Horror ft. Sarah Chernoff    Real Slow   Official Video    YouTube

Here’s the new video for Aussie Dreamwavers Miami Horror’s current single Real Slow, featuring the vocals of Superhumanoids’ Sarah Chernoff. A hazy ElectroPop dream for what’s left of your summer.

The clip was directed by Victor Pakpour and is a beautifully shot, full of slo-mo retro goodness.

Miami Horror’s Real Slow is out now.

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[Download] Miami Horror’s ‘Real Slow’ reMixed by Plastic Plates



We featured the new, comeback, single from Aussie ElectroPoppers Miami Horror last month. Real Slow features some tight vocals from Superhumanoids’ Sarah Chernoff and is a sweet slice of chilled DiscoPop. To make things even better, the tune has been versioned by one of our favourite producers, Mr. Felix Bloxsom A.K.A. Plastic Plates. The LA based Australian producer really gets his synthetic groove on with this one.

plastic Plates truly delivers the thick electronic vibes right here. A growling and squelchy synth funk bassline pulses away underneath waves of popping melodies and vintage stabs. A new rhythm give the tune a bit more of a jump-out-of-your-seat feel, and a pretty irresistible one too. Rolling along on a steady hook, it;s the choruses when this reMix really shines, loaded with big synths hammering away, complimenting Chernoff’s vocals to carefree effect. Another big tune from Plastic Plates.

Miami Horror (Feat. Sarah Chernoff) – Real Slow (Plastic Plates reMix)

Miami Horror’s Real Slow is out now.

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[Audio] Miami Horror’s ‘Real Slow’


Miami Horror

Melbourne ElectroPop geniuses Miami Horror are back, which is pretty big news. We’ve been getting hints that the new album from these guys, who were well and truly at the forefront of the first wave of Australian Indie-Electro-DiscoPop acts, for a while now and we can;t wait to hear it. Here’s the first single, Real Slow, featuring Superhumanoids’ Sarah Chernoff.

Having relocated to LA, Real Slow seems to be the perfect melding of Australian Indie-Electro Disco and LA beach party Tropical Disco. It’s a track that manages to be crisp and clean, whilst still leaving you with a dreamlike summery haze, the production is fantastic. With Indie sensibilities, Miami Horror slow Funk their way through a piano led laid-back Disco tune crated on the backs of Dreamwave Synths. The soundtrack to what’s left of your summer.

♫ Miami Horror (Feat. Sarah Chernoff) – Real Slow (Radio Edit)

Miami Horror’s Real Slow is out now.

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Miami Horror reMixed by Lenno & Jesse Oliver


producer Lenno is fast becoming a name to watch with a string of amazing reMixes. This time he’s teamed up with Jesse Oliver to rework Miami Horror’s hit of last year, ‘Holidays’.

It’s a rapid fire bassline that keeps this tune pumping. Bright retro synths stab away at the tune but the machine bass never falters from it’s course and lends the tune a slight Italo flavour. Leno and Jesse Oliver have crafter a really nice Dreamwavey update to the song, keeping the Indie-Electro feel to the vocals but bringing them straight to an electronic dancefloor.

Miami Horror – Holidays (Lenno & Jesse Oliver reMix)

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Holidays video for Miami Horror

Miami Horror are on a roll right now whit another new single on the horizon.

Taken from their début long player ‘Illumination’, ‘Holidays’ has been perfectly matched with this summery Californian video directed by the team of Krozm (A.K.A.Chris Hill and Lachlan Dickie).

Get’s kinda’ weird though…

‘Illumination’ is out now.

Miami Horror @ Beatport

Miami Horror @ 7Digital

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