[Audio] Shindu’s ‘Trust Me’ (+ Jesse Oliver reMix)



Belgian ElectroPop duo Shindu launch back into the limelight this week with a brad new single released via Silhouette Music. Trust Me is their most 80s influenced track to date and takes the twosome into a more introspective territory. The single boasts a full package that comes backed with a fresh B-side and reMixes from Jesse Oliver and Gemini Brothers.

With almost a Post-Punk edge, Trust Me eschews dancefloor beats of rampaging military drums and Chibi bringing a somewhat Siouxsie Sioux-esque vocal flair over waves of moody synths. That’s not to say the track isn’t quite upbeat and catchy, it very much is. Jesse Oliver’s take on the tune gives off a deep Tech House vibe with a relentless synthetic bassline and an enigmatic strobe-light vibe. It;s a robotic funk counterpart to the immensely human original. The single is out this week and is well worth your attention.

♫ Shindu – Trust Me

♫ Shindu – Trust Me (Jesse Oliver reMix)

Shindu’s Trust Me is released this week.

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