[MP3] Lenno & Jesse Oliver reMix The Electric Sons’ ‘Breathing Electricity’


The Electric Sons

It’s been a  while since Finnish big-room maestros Lenno and Jesse Oliver teamed-up. In fact, their last outing together was to reMix Miami Horror’s Holidays back in January of last year, but these guys are together again and hell bent on delivering s storming reMix. Which they have, in the form of this soaring version of American Indie-Electro duo The Electric SonsBreathing Electricity.

This one’s truly epic, Lenno and Oliver raise the roof with a cavalcade of thick, uplifting synths. The track just seems to build and build as more an more layers of sound are added to this anaemic seven minutes. Good things always happen when Lenno or Jesse Oliver are involved, the sound is so fresh and clean you can’t help big be carried away by it’s peak time vibes. Huge ElectroPop done exactly right, but you’d expect no less from these two.

The Electric Sons – Breathing Electricity (Lenno & Jesse Oliver reMix)

The Electric Sons’ Breathing Electricity is out now.

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