[Audio] Anoraak’s ‘Odds Are Good’



Not only is there a new tune in the offing from French Dreamwave legends Anoraak, but it’s released by Eskimo Recordings. That seems like a match made in heaven. Old School members of the Valerie crew, Anoraak have pride of place on Eskimo’s new addition to their colour coded compilation series, The Orange Collection. Hopefully this means there more new material from Anoraak on the horizon. Check out Odds Are Good.

Anoraak main-man Frédéric Rivière oozes his way through the track with a smokey grace. Haunting vocals and easy nostalgic synths trickle over four minutes of dreamy SynthPop. When the growling, moody bass meets the pin-prick arpeggios, hazy magic happens. This is the kind of classic Anoraak tune that you can just sink into. Let the music envelop you.

♫ Anoraak – Odds Are Good

Eskimo Recording’s The Orange Collection is out this week,

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[Video] Anoraak’s ‘Behind Your Shades’


Anoraak   Behind Your Shades   YouTube

French Dreamwavers Anoraak’s new single Behind Your Shades, a rumbling slice of Indie-Electro, is now available in visual form with this new video.

Directed by O.S.A.K.A.H, the clip features a futurists Rubix’s Cube bringing people together/

Anoraak’s Behind Your Shades is out now.

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[Audio] Cyclist edits Anoraak’s ‘Behind Your Shades’



French Dreamwave legends Anoraak release their new single, Behind Your Shades, this week. One of the standout tracks from the recent Chronotropic album, the single comes equipped with this edit from Canada’s finest; Cyclist. And it’s well titled, as it is more of an edit than a reMix, but one of the best edits we’ve heard in a while.

Ringing every last drop of dancefloor goodness from the track, Cyclist works the beat and bassline into a thick House monster, letting the tracks floaty Dreamwave overtone glide over the intoxicating groove. Knowing just when to use the vocals, and when to let the music speak for itself, Cyclist lets the mood rise and fall with a couple of deftly placed builds and drops. Definitely a let night floorfiller with a vibe that is as comforting as a warm blanket.

♫ Anoraak – Behind Your Shades (Cyclist Edit)

Anoraak’s Behind Your Shades is out now.

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[Video] Anoraak’s ‘Morning Light’


Anoraak   Morning Light   YouTube

Here’s the new track from SynthWave pioneers Anoraak, adding more of an Indie-ElectroPop vibe to their tunes, Morning Light is a catchy Pop track that promises good things from their forthcoming new album, Chronotropic.

Directed by Ben Chadourne, the clip follows the antics of skater, Julien Bechet around Paris.

Anoraak’s Chronotropic album is released 21st October.

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[MP3] Anoraak reMixes Valente’s ‘The Distant Lights’



French producer and Dreamwave OG Anoraak hasn’t graced our ears since March, and even then tends to keep a low profile, but he’s piped up this week with this lovely reMix of LA based Folk singer Valente’s The Distant Lights. Taken from his recently released album, Music For Rooftops, the track was a haunting ode to the city that Anoraak turns into an involving urban hymn.

A heady mix of swirling synths, buzzing tones and walled-in chimes, this reMix perfectly captures the mood of it;s subject song. Not fast enough for dancefloor dominance, Anoraak inject the track with a solid groove nonetheless, wrapping the listener in a blanket of emotionally resonant electronics that conjures up imagery of the track’s metropolis muse. This kind of urban SynthWave is exactly what Anoraak does best, and he really shows off his talents on this one.

Valente – The Distant Lights

Check out more from Valente on SoundCloud.

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[Mixtape] Anoraak ‘Roundtrip’ mixtape



Anoraak – Roundtrip: April Mixtape = We’re starting to feel like Dreamwave pioneer Anoraak is properly back, new reMixes and now another new mixtape! This Roundtrip tape is full of some of the sweetest Dreamwave, SynthWave and Nu-Disco around right now.

Anoraak – Roundtrip: April Mixtape

The tracklist:
01. Mountain Range – It’s Lonely aAound (Teen Daze reMix)
02. Pacific! – Unspoken (Anoraak reMix)
03. Arcade High – On The Edge Of Summer (Jordan F reMix)
04. Shook – Tonight
05. Uuzi Fantasia – Barefoot Not Naked (Velferd reMix)
06. Neptune Safari – Adeline Is In A Waterdrop
07. L’Equipe Du Son – Love Connection (Auxiliary Tha Masterfader reMix)
08. Chateaubriand (Feat. Destronics) – The sunset (Knight One reMix)
09. Kris Menace (Feat. Robert Owens) – Trusting Me (Le Crayon reMix)
10. Jesse Oliver – Nicodemus (Original Mix)
11. Futurecop! – Atlantis 1997 (Lifelike reMix)
12. Rex Ronan – Incoming

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[MP3] Anoraak reMixes Trésors



French Dreamwave pioneer Anoraak never fail to impress and excite with their releases, with are too few and far between, as they do with this latest offering. It’s a reMix of fellow Frenchmen, SynthPop outfit Trésors, who released their début album last November on Modular. Vocally, it’s the perfect song for Anoraak to reMix, sitting with his dreamy synths like it was always supposed to be there.

Eschewing the original brooding dark synth vibe for a more optimistic, nostalgic take on the song, Anoraak brings out his best bright sounds and a thumping Disco beat. Taking you back to the heyday of Dreamwave, all those many three-or-four years ago, this reMix captures all the best Italo influenced elements of the genre. The driving arpeggiated bassline, the warm-glow keys, the track slowly building toward a dancefloor frenzy finale, this ones got everything. Anoraak’s mix features alongside Holy Strays, Bestial Mouths, Steve Moore, Blackmail on the official single package out in April.

Trésors – Pleine Lune (Anoraak reMix)

♫ Trésors – Pleine Lune

Trésors’ Pleine Lune is released 1st April on Modular

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[Mixtape] Anoraak’s ‘Venice Mix’


Anoraak – Venice Mix = Here’s a brand new mixtape fro French Dreamwave originators Anoraak. there a whole heap of the best electronic music around in this fifty minuets, including a fresh new reMix from Anoraak of Trésors.

♫ Anoraak – Venice Mix

The tracklist:

01. Kamp! – Melt
02. Pyramid – Wolf (Crayon reMix)
03. p e a c e FIRE – Death By English
04. Acquarium – Wind Sails
05. Cut Copy – Zap Zap
06. French Horn Rebellion – Love Is Dangerous (Chrome Canyon reMix)
07. Forgotten Illusions – Crystal Contour
08. Montevideo – Horses (Zimmer reMix)
09. Lazy Kiss – 00’s (Auxiliary Tha Masterfader reMix)
10. Blackjoy – Moustache
11. Jupiter – Hoola Hoop (Vagenta reMix)
12. Trésors – Pleine Lune (Anoraak reMix)

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Anoraak reMixed by Les Loups


Yesterday we unveiled a brand new track from French Valerie staple Anoraak, Made-Up. Well the band have already dropped a reMix of the track, just a day later. Leading us to believe this isn’t just to promote their US tour with College and Electric Youth. and a new single is in the works.

The reMix comes from German Nu-Disco outfit Les Loups, who take the summery Indie-Electro of Made-Up and drag it kicking and screaming straight to the dancefloor. I say kicking and screaming because amongst the squelchy synths, lush pads and shuffling Electro beats the song still holds on to it’s Indie guitars will all it’s might. The result being the best of both worlds. There something about this Indie-Dance track that makes us nostalgic for 2007.

Anoraak – Made-Up (Les Loups Mix)

Anoraak are about to embark on a Us tour with College and Electric Youth, get ‘The Drive Tour’ tourdates here.

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Anoraak’s ‘Made-Up’

Well, this is a nice surprise for this week. An unreleased track from Dreamwave pioneers Anoraak, Made-Up. Shiny, summery, Electro-Indie  for all!

It comes presented with a video by Marjory Déjardin using live footage to promote their upcoming ‘The Drive Tour’ with College and Electric Youth.

Get ‘The Drive Tour’ tourdates here.

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