[Audio] Cyclist reMixes Andrew Clarke


Andrew Clarke

Acid funk gospel vibes in the house right now as we check out Torontonian Disco don Cyclist’s latest work. It’s a reMix of British groover Andrew Clarke’s current single, Under The Sun, out now on SoulDeep Inc. Records. So stand by for some classic House reference points and big vocals.

The reMix is a massive departure from the synthetic boogie of the original. You’d be forgiven for thinking that the massive dose of vintage gospel vocals came with the track, but they are all Cyclist’s input. The vocal’s come courtesy of Aretha Franklin’s Never Grow Old, and Cyclist weaves them in and out of the track. Integrating them into a steadily rising, squelchy electronic House tune that builds and builds both in intensity and with the vocals into a dirty synth and piano groove explosion.

♫ Andrew Clarke – Under The Sun (Cyclist Gospel reMix)

Andrew Clarke’s Under The Sun is out now.

Buy Andrew Clarke’s music from:


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