[Audio] Hemingway’s ‘Ace Neptune’



In Nu-Disco circles the début release from Toronto’s Hemingway could be considered quite long awaited. The guy’s built up quite a reputation for himself over the past year or so with a string of excellent reMixes. Now his première release is out, via Brilliantine, and having had it on rotation round electronic rumors HQ for the past couple of weeks we can definitely say it’s lived up to it’s promise.

Ace Neptune is the name of Hemingway’s single, and it’s a veritable Smörgåsbord of dreamy synthesizer Funk. There’s something interestingly proggy about Ace Neptune, there’s a definitely Cosmic vibe to it and you can imagine Hemingway surrounded by tiers of analog snyths, eyes tightly shut, generally having a synth freak out. The track takes elements from Nu-Disco, Dreamwave, SynthWave and Italo and constructs an epic built upon layer and layers of intertwining melodies and warping Galactic Funk basslines. Deceptively complex, this is a true synth Disco fan’s track. reMixes come correct from Jokers Of The Scene and this gem from Cyclist, who ups the Funk quota and leads the track from the space-station to an under-lit dancefloor to boogie the night away. Frantic Disco licks and slinky synths are the order of the day in this mix. Ace Neptune is a confident and impressive début, and one that should have Hemingway’s name on people lips.

♫ Hemingway – Ace Neptune

♫ Hemingway – Ace Neptune (Cyclist reMix)

Hemingway’s Ace Neptune is out now.

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[Mixtape] Cyclist’s ‘October Bikeride’ Mixtape


Cyclist – October Bikeride Mixtape = Here’s the latest mix from Canadian Disco don Cyclist. Check down the tracklist, that’s some choice cuts right there, some of the months best Disco and House. There’s even a little electronic rumors on there in the form of Ride The Universe’s Silky Way Galaxy (in stores now *plug*plug*)

Cyclist – November Bikeride

The tracklist:

01. Marcus Marr – The Music
02. Marcello Giorgani – New York City
03. Ride The Universe – Silky Way Galaxy
04. Cosmo Vitelli – Edit Service 3
05. Venice Beach – Slap Disco
06. Sohight – Fonk (Earl Grey reMix)
07. Dean Sunshine Smith – Auburn Avenue
08. Psychemagik – Carnaval De Trancoso
09. Jazzy Dee – Get On Up (Situation Edit)
10. Metropolis – Go Get It
11. Elijah Collins – Alright (Elijah Dub)
12. Toyboy & Robin – No More Sunshine
13. NY Stomp aka Gerd – The NY House Trak
14. Mike Mago – The Soul (Zombie Disco Squad reMix)
15. Chris Malinchak – Get Back
16. Cordova – Paradigm (Broke One reMix)
17. Moullinex – Take My Pain Away (Strip Steve reMix)

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Cyclist’s October Bikeride Mixtape’ + new reMix


Cyclist – October Bikeride Mixtape = One of the real talents of the Toronto Disco and House scene, Cyclist has dropped a brand new mixtape that’s loaded with smooth grooves. Rocking some of the best Disco around, from retro to cosmic in one slick mix. There even some love for the Bedmo boys in there too!

Cyclist – October Bikeride Mixtape

The tracklist:

01. John Davis & The Monster Orchestra – Up Jumped The Devil (6th Borough Project reMix)
02. Los Charly Orchestra – Feeling High (Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel Re Edit)
03. Walls – Gaberdine (Gerd Janson & Prins Thomas reMix)
04. Manuel Tur – Back To You (Dublin Aunts Love To Love Her Edit)
05. Hemingway – Ace Neptune (Cyclist reMix)
06. Los Amigos Invisibles & Dimitri From Paris – Glad To Know You (Ray Mang’s Flying Dub)
07. Adrian Giordano – Lost In Rome (Dicky Trisco’s Lost In Dance reMix)
08. Bedmo Disco – Startime
09. Moullinex – Kassette
10. Chewy Rubs – In The Middle
11. Andre Vii – Discoteca Clandestina (Bufi reMix)
12. Dave Nash – Lifetime (Original Mix)
13. Recloose – Don’t Get Me Wrong
14. Chaala – The Reason (Garrett David Mix)

While you’re here, check out this reMix of The InformationsLion’s Hand Cyclist has whipped up for their forthcoming single. Already getting support from the likes of  Fake Blood, Gigamesh, RAC, The C90s and Cassian it’s a deep Disco track, with a raw Funk to it that, plays nicely against the almost ethereal vocals. It’s constantly evolving analog groove is a hypnotising experience.

♫ The Informations – Lion’s Hand (Cyclist reMix)

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Cyclist reMixes Gigamesh


Vancouver based producer Cyclist has just dropped his contribution to the forthcoming collection of reMixes of Gigamesh’s recent self-titled EP.

Cyclist’s take on ‘People’, is a beautiful cacophony of squelchy, slappy, Moogy bass and hammered piano riffs. Cyclist’s solid funk drives the track along like a bass heavy juggernaut. i don’t know why he;s called Cyclist, he should name himself Funk Truck Driver!

♫ Gigamesh (Feat. Nicole Godiva) – People (Cyclist reMix)

The Gigamesh rEMix EP is out 6th December and features work from Moullinex, Fare Soldi, Alexander Holland and Goldroom.

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