Kill The Hero’s ‘Surrender’

Kill The Hero

Jerry Bouthier’s new imprint Continental Records is just going from strength to strength with a flood of amazing releases. The latest of which will be the new single from Japanese EelctroPop duo Kill The Hero, a storming track called Surrender.

Surrender is a majestic, huge ElectroPop track, played out with heaps of drama. Created by Osaka DJs Taku Hero and Kila and featuring a guest turn from ’80’s Pop legends Scarlet Fantastic’s Maggie K De Monde Surrender brings big retro flavour to a sweeping dancefloor tune that mixes in a little House, a lot of Pop and an infectious hook. The reMix package is pretty stunning too. Highlights include Reflex’s groovy ElectroPop mix, full of stabbing synths and pumping bass, the return of Australia’s SHAZAM! with a hypnotic House track that mixes a ‘90’s sound with SHAZAM!’s Disco leads, Lancelot’s deep, Acid tinged, ‘90’s warehouse workout and Mannequine, who brings the Tropical flavour to the package with a rolling, euphoric slice of beach party Disco. Another mind-blowingly good release from Continental, how long can they keep this up?

♫ Kill The Hero (Feat. Maggie K De Monde) – Surrender

♫ Kill The Hero (Feat. Maggie K De Monde) – Surrender (Reflex reMix)

♫ Kill The Hero (Feat. Maggie K De Monde) – Surrender (SHAZAM! reMix)

♫ Kill The Hero (Feat. Maggie K De Monde) – Surrender (Lancelot reMix)

Kill The Hero (Feat. Maggie K De Monde) – Surrender (Mannequine reMix)

Surrender is released 24th September.

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Rüfüs’ ‘This Summer’/’Selena’ reMixes


Australian Indie-Electro trio RüfüsThis Summer has been out for a while now in single form, being on e of the Anthems of this year. Enter London’s ElectroPop don Jerry Bouthier and his Continental Records imprint to bring the track, once again, to the forefront with a reMix package of This Summer and Selena.

With a track this epic, it would be hard to do any wrong, but this collection of reMixes exceeds expectations. Mr. Bouthier’s own JBAG head up the EP with an amazing DiscoPop reMix that is just everything you’d want from a fun summer tune. A bouncy bassline and thick retro chords makeup a huge, all encompassing sound that truly does the song justice and, more. Perfect drum fills and an insanely catchy hook are the icing on the cake. This track is going to get caned. Rüfüs themselves contribute a deep Techy take on This Summer, full of Techno intricacies and moody chords this is one for late night in Berlin, with the added bonus of a big Dreamwavey lead. Nu-Disco newcomer Lancelot has really impressed us this year, and to this package he contributes another quite deep mix, this time with more of a synthetic Disco feel as he takes Selena and works it into almost a Disco Dub. The single also contains work from, with a droning Techno mix, Parachute Youth with a chaotic Dreamwave mix and slick ‘90’s House take on Selena from Frames.

♫ Rüfüs – This Summer (JBAG reMix)

Rüfüs – This Summer (Rüfüs reMix)

♫ Rüfüs – Selena (Lancelot reMix)

The reMix EP is released 16th July.

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