[Audio] Clancy and Kraver reMix Paulie’s ‘Want You’



We’ve covered London Nu-Disco don Paulie’s Want You in the run up to the single’s release a fair bit, it’s easily one of the big tunes of the late summer. We’ve been eager for the full single release, with reMix package, and this week out wait was finally over. Released this week the track comes equipped with the excellent Monday Club reMix we posted last week and these two gems from our boy Clancy and Dutch producer Kraver.

Clancy’s take on the track is a suitably warm House jam.Rolling on a hook that worms it’s way into your brain played interchangeably by a hammered piano and a deep synth organ Clancy really captures a late night warehouse vibe with his mix. Sitting at the deep and soulful end of the House spectrum, this version mixes a little nostalgia with a little of the UK’s current clubland scene for a result which would rock almost any dancefloor int he early hours. Kraver gets far more retro with his reMix, a sumptuous banquet of electronic Soul and Boogie with punchy digital basslines and thick 80s synths all coming together with some smooth vocoding to take you back in time. the whole single is one of the finest dance released of the year, you should check it out.

♫ Paulie – Want You (Clancy reMix)

♫ Paulie – Want You (Kraver reMix)

Paulie’s Want You is out now, exclusively on Beatport.

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[MP3] Paulie’s ‘Want You’ reMixed by Monday Club



We’ve been eagerly awaiting the release of sometime Cosmonaut and deep Disco producer Paulie’s new single, Want You, since last month and with Mondays imminent release we can wrap our ear holes around one of the reMixes, a luxurious boom-filled warehouse mix from enigmatic London producer Monday Club.

Monday Club really lets himself go on this mix. Starting life as a Chicago-esque jam, with almost Bleep House-like overtones the track swiftly evolves into a glorious, epic, collision of Deep House grooves, Cosmic Disco retro-futurism and Euphoric Trance, well, euphoria. You might think that sounds like a mess, but check out the reMix, it’s tight as hell and a dancefloor oddessy with a true musical narrative. Ass kicking bass too!

Paulie – Want You (Monday Club reMix)

Paulie’s Want You is released 26th August.

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[MP3] Paulie’s ‘Want You’



The new track from Cosmonaut Paulie, his follow up to the incredibly well received Spread Love. Showing off a totally different style to Spread Love, Paulie proves himself to be no one-trick-pony. The singe gets a proper release, with reMix package, in the coming weeks but for now you can grab the original in all it’s glory for free.

Paulie draws on his background in Cosmic Disco for the spaced out and Dubby Want You. Whereas with Spread Love you were wrapped in deep, hypnotic, House sounds, Want You is an airy slice of vintage Disco with a solid analog-esque Italo groove and an extra layer of subtle, but potent Dubby effects. On top of all this rides a slowly building vocal track that begins blending vocal snatched with a rich vocoded topline and ends up with a powerful vocal crescendo. This one’s going to do the biz, can;t wait for the full single release.

Paulie – Want You

Paulie Want You is out soon.

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[Audio] Holmes Price reMixes Paulie



Here’s that reMix of Cosmonaut Paulie’s début solo single, Spread Love, from Holmes Price we were singing the praises of last week. The single package is out now, so we can give you a listen to this deep Disco version of the track.

Price takes the track into slightly more Houseier territories, keeping things low and clubby. Layering his laid back groove with some relaxed piano Holmes Price gradually builds the track adding sparking arpeggios, more piano, and all the time working reverb drenched vocal snippets, to create a swirling dancefloor vibe. It’s a mesmerizing reMix that pulls you along with it before depositing you in it’s stripped back, undulating, finale. Guaranteed to keep them dancing.

♫ Paulie – Spread Love (Holmes Price reMix)

Paulie’s Spread Love is out now on Super Trooper.

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[Audio] Paulie’s ‘Spread Love’



Next week sees the release of the début solo record from Paulie. Paul Sidoli is one half of London-based Cosmic Disco pilots Cosmonauts and ever since he’s been sneaking out mixtapes under his own name we’ve been pretty eagerly awaiting the fruits of his solitary labour. Wrapping up both Cosmonauts space age style and a deep London club groove, Paulie presents his première record, Spread Love.

Spread Love certainly makes it’s mark, and is a confident début for Paulie. It’s a track that’s hard to ignore with it’s deep and compelling House bassline commanding the tune alongside a House/Disco hybrid beat. Spread Love takes it’s time to build up a solid groove, dropping little hints of Paulie’s galactic past into the House mix with popping Electro Toms and shuffling purcussion, all the while repeating the hypnotic Chicago style vocal hook. The track slowly whips the listeners up into a frenzy before dropping the goods about the halfway point and unleashing mesmerising dancefloor euphoria. This is one the coolest kids will be swaying to in the darkest corners of the hippest venues this summer. The single comes correct with two reMixes, a deep groove from Rambla Boys and a shockingly good, upbeat, New York Disco style version from Bath’s finest Holmes Price. Check it out next week.

♫ Paulie – Spread Love

Paulie’s Spread Love is released 6th May on Super Trooper.

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Paulie from Cosmonauts ‘Hot Mix#2’


Cosmonauts – Paulie Hot Mix #2 = 50% of London Cosmic Disco dons Cosmonauts, Paulie, is back with his second solo mix. Hot Mix #2 picks up the pace a little from his previous workout. This is an hour loaded with smooth House tunes and funky Italo and Disco. The perfect way to kick-start your weekend.

Cosmonauts – Paulie Hot Mix #2

The tracklist:

01. Dana Bergquist & Peder G – Survive
02. Finnebassen – What You Do
03. Fabo – Where I Stand (Karmon reMix)
04. Fiorious – New York City Girl (Scuola Furano reMix)
05. HOSH (Feat, Ost & Kjex) – Woohoo
06. Scissor Sisters – Let’s Have A Kiki (DJ NitareMix)
07. Russ Chimes – Back 2 You (Hot Since 82reMix)
08. Hot Since 82 – Houze Thiz
09. Rik Parkinson – Trust Away
10. Fabo Feat Angela – Can’t Decide (Flow & Zeo)
11. Zoot Woman – More Than Ever (Grand Son reMix)

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Paulie from Cosmonauts Mix#1’


Cosmonauts – Paulie Hot Mix #1 = This is Paulie, on half of London’s Cosmic Disco kings Cosmonauts, on the solo mix tip, what he’s bringing is over an hour of laid back Disco jams that he put together whilst in Ibiza, so there rest of us here in rainy Blighty can soak up a little sunshine. Expect some deep Disco, deep House, basically loads of deep bass grooves to move you.

Cosmonauts – Paulie Hot Mix #1

The tracklist:

01. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Stronger (Miguel Campbell reMix)
02. Viadrina – Pop Song
03. Noir, Audiojack & Ruede Hagelstein – My Lover
04. Kolombo – What Could Make Me Think? (Atapy)
05. Finnebassen – Touching Me
06. Parallel Dance Ensemble – Shopping Cart (Maxxi Soundsystem reMix)
07. Doctor Dru – The Voice Of Dru
08. Hot Since 82 – Let It Ride
09. Scandal – Just Let Me Dance (Maxxi Soundsystem reMix)
10. Sharam Jey – Money Right
11. Sharam Jey – Love Hurts
12. Digitalism – Encore
13. F3 – Deeper Thoughts (Tiger Stripes)

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