[MP3] Paulie’s ‘Want You’



The new track from Cosmonaut Paulie, his follow up to the incredibly well received Spread Love. Showing off a totally different style to Spread Love, Paulie proves himself to be no one-trick-pony. The singe gets a proper release, with reMix package, in the coming weeks but for now you can grab the original in all it’s glory for free.

Paulie draws on his background in Cosmic Disco for the spaced out and Dubby Want You. Whereas with Spread Love you were wrapped in deep, hypnotic, House sounds, Want You is an airy slice of vintage Disco with a solid analog-esque Italo groove and an extra layer of subtle, but potent Dubby effects. On top of all this rides a slowly building vocal track that begins blending vocal snatched with a rich vocoded topline and ends up with a powerful vocal crescendo. This one’s going to do the biz, can;t wait for the full single release.

Paulie – Want You

Paulie Want You is out soon.

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