[Audio] Clancy’s ‘Overdue’



So, you’ll know we’ve been Championing Clancy since day one (which for us and him are about the same time), so we’re pretty pleased for him that he’s getting tracks premièred on Mixmag now. That’s some well deserved recognition right there. Said track is called Overdue, just like the aforementioned recognition. Word play! It’s his new single and due to be released early next month and joins the ever increasing list of absolute monsters from this guy.

A six and a half minute epic, Overdue eases you into it’s vibe, building anticipation with shuffling purcussion and haunting tones before it launches itself off and hits the ground running with a juggernaut bassline over a solid House beat. With a deep UK House sound, Overdue wraps you in a warm blanket of enchanting audio and leaves you with the feeling that you could loose yourself in it’s hypnotic groove far too easily. Another storming tune from Clancy.

♫ Clancy – Overdue

Clancy’s Overdue is released 10th February.

Buy Clancy’s music from:

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