[Download] Clancy’s ‘Take it Slow’



The boy’s doing good. London based producer Clancy had a pretty massive 2013, a couple of slammin;’ EPs, a heap of well-received reMixes (including something rather tasty indeed), and getting all up in Kitsuné business. Obviously feeling pretty chuffed about all this, Clancy has dropped a free tune as a thank you for all the support he’s received over the past year. Sink into Take It Slow.

Riding a deep warping bassline, Take It Slow delivers thick, mood setting, House vibes. Enigmatic and intoxicating, this musical mystery allows it’s subby bass to provide a rock solid platform for airy keys to serve up something a little more kinetic. Take It Slow isn’t actually that slow, but it is brooding and magical and one to loose yourself in at the end of the night.

Clancy – Take It Slow

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