[Audio] Clancy reMixes The Magician’s ‘When The Night Is Over’


The Magician

If we’re completely honest, we found the new single from Belgian mixtaper The Magician a little disappointing. That seemed to be an general reaction to the tune, When The Night Is Over. The track feat Newtimers was a tad generic what-cool-right-now House. Have no fear though, like some kind of musical first responder, Clancy is here to save the day with this reMix that features on the official single package.

Clancy’s reMix has the perfect hypnotic groove. Layering the track with brooding, pulsating synths he delivers a Deep House concoction that reaches into your core and compels you to move. Like a robot uprising, the reMix is electronically ominous but never lets it’s imposing Sci-Fi synths overshadow it’s irresistible boogie. Definitely one DJs should have in their crates, for peak time, when you’ve got them in the palm of your hand, this will keep them there.

♫ The Magician (Feat. Newtimers) – When The Night Is Over (Clancy reMix)

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