[Audio] Grum reMixes Yousef & The Angel’s ‘Float Away’



Yousef & The Angel’s Float Away was originally released back in September last year, closely followed by a bunch of reMixes. This reMix was not one of them, but have no fear, the single is getting another release that this time will, thankfully, include this monster reworking of the track by ER fave Grum. The new release is out this week and also features a reMix from the mighty Clancy.

Grum gets razor sharp with this reMix of Float Away. Punchy bass and piercing synths dominate the track, which seems a little bit like a nexus point between his Dreamwave past and his Progressive House present. There’s a definite retro flair to the tune, but in that really clean and euphoric way the Grum always did, and the beats and bass are so tight and crisply produced. All this production clarity doesn’t for one minute loose the groove though, as Grum pairs The Angel’s ethereal vocal with an infectious bass heavy vibe.

♫ Yousef & The Angel – Float Away (Grum reMix)

Yousef & The Angel’s Float Away is out now.

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