ATTAR! & Citizens!


What happens when you get more than one band with an exclamation point in their name together? Is that like dividing by zero? Well, hold on to something just in case 50% of mustang, ATTAR!, is reMixing London Indie-ElectroPop crew and Kitsuné’s new darlings, Citizens!. !!!.

There’s a nice meeting of two things that are a perfect fit going on here. First there is Renaud Deru deep, analog sounding, stripped down Disco, which draws it’s groove DNA from ‘80’s dance, then there is Citizens!’s singer Tom’s slick ‘80’s vocal style, part Gary Numan, part Peter Murphy. The meeting of the two seems like a match made in heaven. This is glorious retroPop at it’s finest.

♫ Citizens! – Reptile (ATTAR! reMix)

‘Reptile’ is released today on Kitsuné Music.

Buy Citizens!’s music from:


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