Citizens! reMix The Cast Of Cheers

The Cast Of Cheers

Irish Indie-Rockers, and part of the upcoming NME Generation Next tour, The Cast Of Cheers have one of the best band names in the world. They also seem to have good taste in reMixers, as they have got London Indie-ElectroPoppers Citizens! to make some beats and bash some keys for their track Human Elevator.

Citizens! take to track to a bass-heavy place, then liberally sprinkle biting melodies over their deep groove. This is a track with a nice combination of classic a SynthPop feel and dancefloor rocking sensibilities. Rough and ready gritty bass presents a rock steady back beat for piercing lead lines and sparsely, but perfectly, used snatches of the original’s vocals to dance around atop. It’s quite a sparse track, but everything in it is used to it’s fullest potential, it’s would also sounds awesome on a club system.

The Cast Of Cheers – Human Elevator (Citizens! reMix)

Human Elevator is taken from The Cast Of Cheers’ album Family, out now.

Buy The Cast Of Cheers’ music from:


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