Goldroom X Citizens!


Once more Josh Legg has knocked it out of the park with his latest Goldroom reMix. I would say the constant quality is getting tedious if it wasn’t for the fact that his reMixes rock.

this time around it’s Kitsuné’s Citizens! turn for a ride on the Goldroom train as their ‘Reptile’ gets and almost Italo workout. Check out those bright, shimmering synths, like something straight out of an optimistic ‘80’s Sci-Fi movie, a new feature to Goldroom’s arsenal, but one that slips in effortlessly with the laidback funk we’ve come to love. Mixing that with Citizens! track actually results in the most ‘80’s Goldroom track to date, an interesting, but not in the slightest unwelcome, development.

♫ Citizens! – Reptile (Goldroom reMix)

‘Reptile’ is released 19th March with reMixes from remixes by ATTAR!, Cosmic Kids & Tony Adams, Matthias Zimmermann and ColeCo.

Buy Citizens!’s music from:


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