[Audio] Chrome Canyon reMixed by ATTAR!


Chrome Canyon

Here’s the next track from the reMix companion to Brooklyn synth wizard Chrome Canyon’s utterly amazing album Elemental Themes. Elemental reMixes is out next week and having heard the Chateau Marmont reMix of Elemental Themes big single Generations, we can now wrap our ears around this version of the mind warping Memories Of A Scientist by Belgium’s finest ATTAR!.

The track is a really interesting blend of ATTAR!’s robo-Disco House sound and Chrome Canyon’s proggy synth excursions. If fact, we’d go so far as to say that ATTAR! leans somewhat toward the latter for his adventures in 70s synth music. With all the drama of majestic SynthWave the reMix builds and builds, both musically and the tension, before launching into a Moroder-esque late 70s electronic Disco workout. Taking Chrome Canyon’s flair for vintage synth opuses and running with it, taking the originals Sci-Fi mystery straight to the dancefloor, and the result is stunning. Part vintage synth Disco, part 70s Sci-Fi TV theme, part prog rock solo, we’d be quite happy if all electronic music sounded like this.

♫ Chrome Canyon – Memories Of A Scientist (ATTAR! reMix)

Chrome Canyon’s Elemental reMixes is released 9th April on Stones Throw Records.

Buy Chrome Canyon’s music from:

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