[Download] Alison Valentine’s ‘Curious’


Alison Valentine

Curious is the new one from one of New York’s finest Indie-ElectroPop exports Alison Valentine. We last saw Ally V being featured on a Kitsuné compilation with Circles And Triangles; since then she’s teamed up with one of today’s great unsung analog synth wizards, Chrome Canyon, to produce this lush slice of summery Pop on a vintage Disco meets über-cool IndiePop tip.

Curious is an intoxicating meeting of Allison’s sweet voice and penchant for roller-rink jams with the swooshing, Sci-Fi Disco sounds of Chrome Canyon. Laid back keys ease the song into your heart before introducing warm, funky, bass and a feel-good groove. Warbling synths drag this tune straight out of the 70’s into 2014 with a tune that primed for the summer. Amongst the relaxed poolside sounds Allison’s vocals make the track. A hazy dream; the song is like a wave of catchiness that gets well stuck in your head.

Alison Valentine – Curious (Produced By Chrome Canyon)

Alison Valentine’s Curious is available to download now on her own label (and, apparently, florist) 11 x 11.

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