[MP3] Chrome Canyon reMixed by Chateau Marmont

Chrome Canyon

Last month we raved about Brooklyn synth magician Chrome Canyon new video for Generations which is taken from his jaw droppingly good album of last year Elemental Themes. It’s a gorgeous slice of Sci-Fi synth work that has now been given an eclectic workout by French analog adventurers Chateau Marmont. The meeting of these two yields an amazing, nostalgic, evocative synthesizer excursion.

To be released on Chrome Canyon’s forthcoming Elemental reMixes EP, which, as you can probably guess, holds some killer reMixes of tracks from Elemental Themes. Including this one. Imagine the BladeRunner melody from Generations, paired with eccentric percussion and, just a revelling in analog synths. Injecting the original with an exotic edge only highlights the culture mashing Dystopian feel to the track. The EP will also include work from Peaking Lights, Tomas Barfod, Gavin Rusom, Mike Simonetti, ATTAR!, Matthewdavid, Airbird, Eclectic Method, Saarid and Freak You

Chrome Canyon – Generation (Chateau Marmont reMix)

Chrome Canyon’s Elemental Themes album is out now.

Buy Chrome Canyon’s music from:

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