[Audio] Chrome Canyon reMixed by Freak You



Brooklyn synth wizard Chrome Canyon’s reMix is is finally out this week. the album is a collection of reMixes of tracks from his, frankly, amazing album Elemental Themes. We’ve already had a peek at versions from Chateau Marmont and ATTAR!, so next up is On The Fruit label boss Freak You, who takes on the albums lead single, and dystopian Sci-Fi monster, Generations.

Freak You ups the tempo somewhat and goes nuts with arpeggiated synth craziness. Keeping a Disco groove, but not letting that stand in the way of him wigging out, Freak You revels in an intoxicating pallet of electronic sounds. More Terminator than the original’s BladeRunner, albeit with a massive does of Cosmic Disco, this is one to please any fans of synthetic soundtracks. Part SynthWave, part galactic Funk, part brap, this is a classy reMix.

♫ Chrome Canyon – Generations (Freak You reMix)

Chrome Canyon’s Elemental reMixes is out now on Stones Throw Records.

Buy Chrome Canyon’s music from:


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