[Download] Goldroom & Chela’s ‘Adalita’



You’ve probably already picked up Dreamwave mac-daddy Goldroom’s latest release, the Embrace EP, haven’t you? .If not then why? Why would you make such a terrible life choice? Anyway, if you’ve picked up Embrace you’ll already be familiar with Adalita. If you haven’t *shudder* then Goldroom has been generous enough to give away this new EP track for free when signing up to his mailing list. So right now you have three tasks ahead of you. Sign up for the Goldroom mailing list. Download Adalita. Purchase the Embrace EP. If you’ve not yet completed these goals, you have a hole in your life that will remain empty until you do.

Adalita was co-written, and features, Aussie songstress of the moment, and recent Kitsuné signee Chela. The tune is both chilled and playful. Smooth beats and nostalgic, buzzing synth stabs conjure up a lazy, poolside, vibe which is complimented by Chella’s whimsical vocals, in place to keep things upbeat. Other than Embrace, Adalita with the other new tune on the final release of the EP, and it’s still as exciting to us now as it was last month when it was released. Also, as an outlet that writes about Goldroom a fair bit, we can say with some authority that it’s impossible to find a photo of Josh where he’s not looking dead cheeky, like he’s just been caught doing something he shouldn’t be.

Goldroom (Feat. Chela) – Adalita

Goldroom’s Embrace EP is out now.

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