[Audio] More Viceroy reMixes, Bit Funk and Bufi


We’re still loving San Francisco producer Viceroy and Chela’s Dream Of Bombay single. In fact, we’re hoping that, come December, someone reminds us about it because it already feels like it deserves a place in out end of year bests. As the reMixes keep rolling in, they are definitely keeping the quality high. Right now Bit Funk and Bufi have a crack at the track and both deliver, very different but nicely complimentary version of the song.

Bit Funk delivers a glorious Disco-House tune that really plays up the dreaminess of the original and Chela vocals. If the original version is a summery beach party, then Bit Funk’s reMix is the club you go to as it gets dark. Intoxicating deep Disco. Bufi, on the other hand gets a bit more ecclectic with Chela’s vocal and turns in an Acidic Italo-Disco tune with some hypnotic pitched vocals and popping drums. This tune just gets better and better.

♫ Viceroy (Feat. Chela) – Dream Of Bombay (Bit Funk reMix)

♫ Viceroy (Feat. Chela) – Dream Of Bombay (Bufi reMix)

Viceroy (Feat. Chella)’s Dream Of Bombay is out now.

Buy Viceroy’s music from:

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