[Audio] Viceroy and Chela reMixed by Alfa


I know you’re full, but surely there’s room for one more morsel of  Viceroy and Chela’s frankly amazing Dream Of Bombay? Of course there is! Especially when it comes from Binary O.G. and moustache aficionado Alfa. There’s always time for Alfa!

Taking a different route with the track than the other mixes, from Bit Funk, Wax Motif and Bufi, Alfa creates on a head on collision between classic Daft Punk and Moog Funk. Pulsating, relentless synth bass and vocals transformed into groove laden melodies dominate the track. Big, sweeping synths take the track to the next level, giving the funky little licks a Cosmic vibe. It;s probably the most rough ‘n’ ready version of Dream of Bombay, and one that eschews the originals song structure, but it’s also a guaranteed floor filler. This’ll keep ‘em dancing!

♫ Viceroy (Feat. Chela) – Dream Of Bombay (Alfa reMix)

Viceroy (Feat. Chella)’s Dream Of Bombay is out now.

Buy Viceroy’s music from:

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