Casio Social Club’s ‘Crush’

When is a reMix not a reMix? How much of the original needs to remain intact for it to be a reMix, or how little should be there before you can claim it as an original tune, and sell it as such? It’s a debate we had on Twitter this weekend. Honestly we’re not sure, if the entire vocal of a track, verse, chorus, verse, chorus is present with a new backing, is that a reMix or an original? For now, we’re on the fence, but it is something that crosses our minds from time to time. A pertinent discussion as it turns out, as one of our favourite UK producers Casio Social Club, Mullet Records head honcho Justin Winks,  soon releases his track Crush.

The Jets 1985 hit Crush On You is one of our guilty pleasures, it always puts us in a good mood. It has graced these pages on more than one occasion, and reMix or not, we do love a good updating of the tune. Casio Social Club’s new version of the track, Crush,  is pure Electro Boogie joy with a Piano House injection. It’s got that Casio Social Club style we love so much, those retro beats and funky as hell digital bassline, here complimented by an infectious piano line and the sing-along catchiness that is Crush On You. Ahead of the release, Mullet are kindly giving away the Radio Edit of the track. This track is the epitome of summer DiscoPop fun, don’t worry about it, just enjoy.

Casio Social Club – Crush (Radio Edit)

Casio Social Club’s Crush is released 7th August as a Juno exclusive followed by worldwide release on the 14th via Mullet Records.

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Niceone matchmakes Louis La Roché & The Jets


I honestly don’t know if this is amazing or ridiculous, although I do have a massive soft spot for The Jets ‘Crush On You’. Apparently so do Niceone, who hammered that vocal into Louis La Roché’s ‘Los Angeles.

And it works, it probably shouldn’t, but it really does. The track makes you smile, them makes you laugh, then you find yourself getting into it, then you can’t stop listening to it. It’s terrifyingly addictive.

Louis La Roché – Los Angeles (Niceone Crush On You Rerub)

Louis La Roché’s ‘Gimme Gimme’/’The Wall’ single is out now.

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