Drop Out Orchestra’s ‘The Edits’


Wednesday seems like a kinda’ off the wall day of the week to release an album, but Swedish Disco duo Drop Out Orchestra have never been a pair to shy away from the off the wall. Take their new release, a who album of disco edits, mostly of ‘80’s Pop songs. there’s some real genius in that.

Brushing aside the legality of releasing an album of, essentially, reMixes of other people songs, which we’re not even going to think about, Drop Out Orchestra’s ‘The Edits’ is an awesome collection of Funked out version of tunes we all know and love. Much of the time these track go way beyond the remit of an ‘edit’, often played live in the studio with four or five musicians. The album plays like a tour through the catchier side of the ‘80’s on a bus full of drunk disco musicians. Sterling Void & Paris Brightledge’s House classic ‘It’s All Right’ gets a speedy update that keeps the vocal and piano hook intact but layers think new slabs of Boogie and a fast fingered bassline. Other highlights of the record include a smoothed over version of Robyn’s ‘Hang With Me’, which becomes a shiny lazy Disco groove. Duran Duran’s ‘Girls On Film’ is morphed into a wicked riffed, dubbed out, cosmic jam and off-the-wall-est of all Bros’ ‘When I Will I Be Famous?’ in a Moog laden Acid tweaking collision with a guitar solo. Drop Out Orchestra obviously had a lot of fun putting these tracks together, and we certainly had a lot of fun listening to them.

Drop Out Orchestra – Pounds Sterling (Sterling Void & Paris Brightledge – It’s All Right (Drop Out Orchestra reMix (Edit)))

♫ Drop Out Orchestra – Hang Out (Robyn – Hang With Me (Drop Out Orchestra Rework))

♫ Drop Out Orchestra – Famous (Bros – When Will I Be Famous? (Drop Out Orchestra Rework (Edit))

♫ Drop Out Orchestra – Girls On Dub (Duran Duran – Girls On Film (Drop Out Orchestra Rework (Edit))

Drop Out Orchestra’s ‘The Edits’ is released today on Juno.

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Nine Lives’ ‘1985’ reMixes

Jaki Graham

Manchester’s Nine Lives recent Moog bassed Disco jam ‘1985’ is getting a sweet reMix package release, to be released next month on Vendition Records. Bringing together two of the hottest producers in Disco, one more Electro Boogie, one more full on ‘70’s. The original was a slick Funky tune that featured samples from Jaki Graham’s ‘Round And Round’, but the reMixes take it one step further.

First up is the awesome Justin Winks A.K.A. Casio Social Club who’s ‘Back To ‘82’ reMix is the definite standout of the collection. A deep boogie bassline and an old school breakin’ feel. With a bassline straight from an ‘80’s electronic Soul record this is exactly the kind of tune you’d see climbing the club charts in the back pages of  a 1986 issue of Record Mirror. Nostalgic and fresh, always the best combination. Sweden’s Drop Out Orchestra also make their mark on the track with their classy Disco. Loaded with 70’s strings and a bouncy bassline, this is the one for the mirrorball lit dancefloors. Oh, and cowbell, lots and lots of cowbell. Cowbell like a brain worm. Nine Lives himself adds to the line up with his ‘Cat Funk’ reMix, which pulls things back into a smooth, laid back place with thick, warm synths and heavy production. This new single hold a reMix for every mood, well worth checking out.

♫ Nine Lives (Feat. Jaki Graham) – 1985 (Casio Social Club ‘Back To 85’ reMix)

♫ Nine Lives (Feat. Jaki Graham) – 1985 (Drop Out Orchestra reMix)

♫ Nine Lives (Feat. Jaki Graham) – 1985 (Nine Lives ‘Cat Funk’ Edit)

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Drop Out Orchestra’s ‘It Will Never Be The Same Again’ single


Originally heard on Aeroplane’s, still on rotation, ‘In Flight Entertainment’ compilation, Sweedish Disco duo Drop Out Orchestra’s ‘It Will Never Be The Same Again’ finally sees a single release this month with a reMix package on Eskimo Recordings.

‘It Will Never Be The Same Again’, as you will probably know by now, is nice rolling, quite jazzy, Disco number. Vocoder heavy and loaded with lush ‘70’s stings alongside bouncy synth work. It’s got quite a chilled vibe, like a relaxed Moroder, but with enough groove to rock the dancefloor. reMixes come correct from London Electro Disco duo Punks Jump Up and Gomma staple Moullinex. Punks Jump Up, bring out a little more of the dancefloor side of the track. Reminiscent of some of PJU’s older work it’s got a solid piano line, a pulsating bassline and a real House vibe to it. Moullinex wastes no time and gets straight on with his quirky Portuguese Cosmic Disco business. Space synths and a slight Tropical flavour make for a nice future retro Mediterranean flavour. Picking a hollow bass sound really accentuates the bass riff and makes for an addictive core to the track. Also including a B-Side, ‘Sun Machine’ featuring The Reverb Junkie, this is a hell of a smooth Disco package.

♫ Drop Out Orchestra – It Will Never Be The Same Again

♫ Drop Out Orchestra – It Will Never Be The Same Again (Punks Jump Up reMix)

♫ Drop Out Orchestra – It Will Never Be The Same Again (Moullinex reMix)

The ‘It Will Never Be The Same Again’ single is released 21st May.

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Drop Out Orchestra’s May Mixtape

Drop Out Orchestra

Drop Out Orchestra – Mixtape May 2012 = Celebrating the forthcoming release of their new single later this month Drop Out Orchestra have dropped a brand new mixtape and it;s crammed full of killer tunes. Not only can you sample the Moullinex and Punks Jump Up reMixes of their ‘It Will Never Be The Same Again’, the new single (as featured on Aeroplane’s In Flight Entertainment) but also The Supermen Lovers reMix of A.N.D.Y. & Vicente’s new track.

Drop Out Orchestra – Mixtape May 2012

The tracklist:

01. Drop Out Orchestra (Feat. The Reverb Junkie) – Sun Machine
02. NSFW – Let U Go (Dropouts Gonna Beat Dis Edit)
03. A.N.D.Y. & Vicente – El Barrio (The Supermen Lovers reMix)
04. Drop Out Orchestra – It Will Never Be The Same Again (Moullinex reMix)
05. Zombies In Miami – Heartache
06. Astrolabe – Cave Disco (Discotexas Edit (Hot Rod Mash-up By DOO))
07. Gossip – Perfect World (Rory Philips reMix)
08. Dato – Set Me Free (Drop Out Orchestra reMix)
09. Debonair – Your Love
10. Dublin Aunts – Heartbreak Reputation (Drop Out Orchestra reMix)
11. Shit Hot Soundsystem – Charlotte
12. Drop Out Orchestra – It Will Never Be The Same Again (Punks Jump Up reMix)
13. Just Kiddin’ – Paloma (Bit Funk reMix)
14. Punks Jump Up – Mr Overtime (Club)

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Bros reMixed by Drop Out Orchestra


By Bros we mean, as an short for brothers, not a large number of people you’d call bro. ‘Cos this is Bros of ‘When Will I Be Famous’ and ‘Drop The Boy’ ( Ooo Er) fame, being given a massive slice of Acid Disco by Drop Out Orchestra.

DOO take the trio’s breakthrough hit ‘When Will I Be Famous’ of 1987 and give it a burbling 303 makeover with a Disco beat. Ad some funk guitar in the mix and you’ve got a slick update to a song that everybody knows.

Bros – When Will I Be Famous- (Drop Out Orchestra Rework (Edit))

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The Opiates reMixed by Drop Out Orchestra

The Opiates

What you have here is the voice of Miss Billie Ray Martin, here in her The Opiates guise with producer Robert Solheim, and the slick groove of Swedish Disco duo Drop Out Orchestra. If that’s not enough to have you hitting the play button then there’s something very wrong with you.

Those  wicked Disco licks and cosmic synths are the perfect backing to completely redefine Billie’s vocals into a smooth, late night jam. Billie’s soulful, slightly husky, delivery leans itself effortlessly to Drop Out’s laid back vibe. Funking into the night!

The Opiates – Reality TV (Drop Out Orchestra  Dub)

The Opiates’ ‘Hollywood under The Knife’ album is out now, this track is taken from a forthcoming reMix album.

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Moullinex & Xinobi’s new EP

Moullinex & Xinobi are in the studio again, and you know when that happens the eclectic, madcap, Disco starts to flow.

The four track ‘X Marks The Spot’ single is out now on Discotexas and, if you know Moulinex & Xinobi, the title track is everything you’d expect. When these guys hit the studio together, anything can happen. We first heard this track back in April when they dropped it as a completely live demo, it’s now been refined but is no less live, it’s freakshow Disco, infectiously groovy and full of surprises. Drop Out Orchestra attempt to tame the insanity a little on their reMix, the result sounding like the bastard child of Moroder and Art Of Noise. Just to hammer home the crazyness of this release Moullinex & Xinobi have included their cover of The Cramps’ ‘Human Fly’. Rockabilly Disco anyone?

♫ Moullinex & Xinobi – X Marks The Spot (Original Version)

♫ Moullinex & Xinobi – X Marks The Spot (Drop Out Orchestra reMix)

Moullinex & Xinobi – Human Fly (The Cramps Cover)

The ‘X Marks The Spot’ EP is out now.

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Duran Duran & Drop Out Orchestra

Putting the funk back into Duran Duran comes Drop Out Orchestra.

Their edit of the Duran’s 1981 hit ‘Girls On Film’ morphs all the best bits into a lick laden Disco stormer that really highlights and bass and percussion of the original. this track’ll get the dancefloor jumping for all the right reasons. Good work by both the Durans and the Drop Outs.

Duran Duran – Girls On Film (Drop Out Orchestra Rework (Edit))

This edit will be coming out on vinyl next month.

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Drop Out Orchestra’s October Mix Session


Drop Out Orchestra – Mix Session October 2011 = Drop Out Orchestra mix up an eclectic mix of Disco sounds with some awesome innovative mixing going on, this one’s got the Funk!

Drop Out Orchestra – Mix Session October 2011

The tracklist:

01. Sten & Stanley – Down On The Corner (Drop Out Edit)
02. Late Nite Tuff Guy – Not In Love Anymore
03. Small Pyramids – I Want Blood (Goldroom reMix (+ TLC/Drop Out Edit))
04. Cosmonauts – Cycle Eyes (Cosmonauts Summer Version)
05. The Opiates – Reality TV (Drop Out Orchestra Dub)
06. Black Strobe – Boogie In Zero Gravity (Drop Out Orchestra reMix)
07. Casual Encounters – Casual Boogie
08. Gigamesh – When You’re Dancing (Cassian reMix)
09. Moullinex & Xenobi – X Marks The Spot (Drop Out Orchestra reMix)
10. Pink Stallone feat. Joey Washington – Mine (Eddie Mars reMix)
11. Strange Talk – Eskimo Boy (Tim Fuchs reMix)
12. Clubfeet – Last Words (The C90s reMix)
13. Mustang – Shooting Love (Black Strobe reMix)
14. Crave Trazan (Drop Out Edit)
15. Diana Ross – Upside Down (Drop Out Orchestra Rework)
16. Jimmy & Susy – Come Back (Instrumental 12” (Drop Out Edit))

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