[Audio] Aérotique’s ‘Schwerelos’



Swiss newcomer Aérotique is gearing up to release his second EP next month. With quite a classical 90s take on House music, with a hazy Balearic vibe to it, this guy is making the kinds of tunes we all saw in sunrises to all those years ago, but injecting them with a modern House groove.

The one track in particular on his new EP that stood out to us is it’s lead tune, Schwerelos. Somehow as clean and floaty as an Orbital track but with a moody Deep House hypnotic quality to it. Layers of rattling synths and a heavy bassline underpin the track letting sweeps and vocal snatches haunt its five minutes. With a serious Dub feel to it, this is outdoor in a field music, both nostalgic and current, and classic dance music.

♫ Aérotique – Schwerelos (Original Mix)

Aérotique Schwerelos EP is out 9th August.

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