[Audio] Tythe’s ‘Careless Woman’



I don’t know who Tythe is, and I don’t really care. I’m totally intoxicated by this song. But, *sigh*, I suppose I should at least have a cursory glance at who this guy is. Well, he mentions Bestival in his press release, so that’s immediately scoring points with me. He’s reMixed David Lynch and Crystal Fighters, which all points toward being down with the Sunday Best crew. *checks release info* Yup, it’s out next month an Sunday Best having also been released last weekend on vinyl for Record Store Day. Right, back to the track.

Careless Woman is a deep and undulating Balearic groove. A sunrise House tune with a gritty, futuristic feel. Growling bass synths and razor sharp arpeggios are tempered with spacy, smokey sounds and a generous helping of Dubby echoes. Add to this is big diva vocal that’s reminiscent of Billie Ray Martin and you’ve got a tune you can just melt into. This is one for hot summer nights and loosing yourself in music.

♫ Tythe – Careless Woman

Tythe’s Careless Woman was released 19th May, with the limited edition Record Store Day vinyl out now.

Buy Tythe’s music from:


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