Teenage Bad Girl’s ‘Backwash’

Paris duo Teenage Bad Girl’s combination of ElectroPop and abrasive Electro has always has a Rocky edge to it, but their new album boarders on straight-up ElectroRock at times.

There’s heavy use of Rock samples throughout, but that only adds to the melodic chaos that is ‘Backwash’. Powerful distorted analog synths run all the way through the album but aside from that it’s a record that flips from one style to another, regularly, and with relative ease. There’s the big ElectroRock we’ve already heard in the album’s first single ‘Keep Up With You’ and the vocoder and guitar mash-up of ‘The Wave’ which rubs up against some beautiful synthetic Electro tracks like ‘Hold Me Tight’ and ‘Fast Blood Delivery’, a pure 90’s rave tune in ‘Fright Night’ and the Chicago House of ‘Tonton Funk’. If you’re into upfront electronic dance music then there will be something for you to love in this album.

Personally I favour the more synthesizer based tracks on ‘Backwash’, check out my two favourites and revisit the single, ‘Keep Up With You’. The whole album can be streamed here.

♫ Teenage Bad Girl – Keep Up With You

♫ Teenage Bad Girl – Fast Blood Delivery

♫ Teenage Bad Girl – Hold Me Tight

‘Backwash’ is out now.

Buy Teenage Bad Girl’s music from:


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2 comments on “Teenage Bad Girl’s ‘Backwash’

  1. stunning release. all my expectations met. i agree, ‘hold me tight’ and ‘fast blood delivery’ are standouts. but ‘heart zero beating’ and ‘black hole’ really made my week too. overall, a brilliant combination of noise, emotion and funk.

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