Aaron Alexis & Jules Schimmer


Once again Manchester’s great Dreamwave hope Mr. Jules Schimmer takes on New York’s most underrated ElectroPop artist Aaron Alexis with this reMix of ‘In The Air’. Look, I’ll level with you, it will no doubt come as no shock to learn that we’ll be releasing something with Aaron later this year, and that something will also include work from Jules. So, there’s little chance of me remaining impartial here, I love both these guys, they floor me with everything they do.

That said, this new reMix of ‘In The Air’ sees Jules take a slightly different track from his usual huge ‘80’s sounding mixes and goes down a slightly Euphoric route. Mixing in a little Balearic sunrise vibe with a big piano line with Aarons soulful vocals results in a big rush of emotion and some hairs-standing-up-on-the-back-of-your-neck musical moments. Also, it sounds a lot like an undiscovered The Sound Of Arrows song, which is a compliment. With a bit of a push this could easily be and Ibiza hit this summer.

Aaron Alexis – In The Air (Jules Schimmer reMix)

Check out more from Aaron Alexis on SoundCloud.

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