[Audio] Jules Schimmer’s ‘Soar’



Brixton based Nu-Disco collective Nude Disco are gearing up for the release of their second label compilation. Nude Disco Selections Vol. 2 is set for release at the start of next month and will be a tasty snapshot of the kind of Italo Disco goodness we’ve come to expect from the label and it’s Brixton nightclub home. Sitting loud and proud on this storming collection is this little gem from long time friend of electronic rumors Jules Schimmer. It’s his first new tune in quite a while, it’s called Soar, and you can grab your exclusive first listen below.

Mr. Schimmer serves up as emotional and heartfelt electronic as we’ve ever heard with Soar. It’s a fitting title as the tune is warm and uplifting with comfortable retro Italo and House grooves playing out inspiring chord progressions. Like a mid-90s euphoric Trance tune played by a late-80s House producer, Soar is pleasingly nostalgic with a sunrise rush. That lead hook worms it’s way into your brain and stats with you four hours after you’ve finished listening, and with a hook like that, that’s no bad thing. There’s nothing not to like about this one.

♫ Jules Schimmer – Soar

Nude Disco Selections Vol. 2 is released 1st June

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[Download] Nude Disco’s ‘Neon Hearts’ (+ Jules Schimmer & Auxiliary Tha Masterfader reMixes)



Record label Nude Disco, spawned from the club night Nude Disco, are following their compilation Nude Disco selections Vol. 1, with their première single release; from Nude Disco. that’s a lot of nakedness right there. The single’s called Neon Hearts, and it features the vocal stylings of Foreign Boy and comes with a loaded reMix package including work from Luxar, Discomendments, Jules Schimmer and Auxiliary Tha Masterfader.

Neon Hearts is a lush, urban, slice of SynthPoppy Nu-Disco. Musically it’s a slightly Tropical four minutes of infectious synthesizer Disco. Peppered with Poppy riffs, the bass bounces, the leads get euphoric and the purcussion keeps things funky. The infectious dancefloor groove is all leading toward a sweeping solo. Foreign Boy’s vocal contribution is what gives it it;s SynthPop edge as he croons his was through the track in a neo-Pet Shop Boys style. Jules Schimmer adds a little 80s flair to the tune with a chugging bassline and Top Of The Pops beats before launching into a hands-in-the-air piano House riff, while Aux takes a future Italo approach to Neon Hearts, injecting burbling synths and his own analog Disco style. The whole release is an impressive début for the label.

♫ Nude Disco (Feat. Foreign Boy) – Neon Hearts (Original Mix)

♫ Nude Disco (Feat. Foreign Boy) – Neon Hearts (Jules Schimmer reMix)

Nude Disco (Feat. Foreign Boy) – Neon Hearts (Auxiliary Tha Masterfader Club Mix)

Nude Disco’s Neon Hearts is released 24th February.

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[Mixtape] Jules Schimmer’s September mix



Jules Schimmer – Mix September 2013 = A whole hour of upfront Electro, ElectroPop and Nu-Disco right here in the form of Manchester DJ Jules Schimmer’s latest mixtape. This should set you up for the weekend!

Jules Schimmer – Mix September 2013

The tracklist:
01. Low Tide Theory – We All Fall Down
02. Pyramid – Wolf
03. Rayko – I Can’t Stand The Rain
04. Kido Yoji – Call A Romance (Cosmonaut Grechco reMix)
05. Stars – I Don’t Want Your Body (She’s The Queen reMix)
06. Keith Masters – Garey Busey (Life Is Good) (Robots With Rayguns reMix)
07. Gigamesh – All My Life
08. Theophilius London – Why Even Try (RAC reMix)
09. Poolside – Only Everything
10. Matt & Kim – Block After Block (Echoes reMix)
11. The New Division – Devotion (The Sanfernando Sound reMix)
12. Betty Who – High Society
13. Alex Metric – Scandalism
14. Yelle – Ce Jeu (reMix)
15. Passion Pit – Take A Walk (The M Machine reMix)
16. Escort – Starlight (Max Essa reMix)
17. Charli XCX – You (Ha Ha Ha) (Goldroom reMix)
18. The Other Tribe – We Should Be Dancing
19. Jenna F – We Will Be Stars
20. Munk – Misterio (Club Mix)
21. Plastic Plates – More Than Love
22. Buffetlibre (Feat. We Have Band) – El Nino (Buffetlibre reMix)

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[Audio] Jules Schimmer reMixes My Midnight Heart


My Midnight Heart

Some nostalgic ElectroPop vibe right now from Manchester SynthWave producer Jules Schimmer and his reMix of Brooklyn newcomer, avant-pop singer My Midnight Heart’s Solace. Replacing the original’s left-field chorus with a smooth Dreamwave sound, Schimmer delivers a slick summery Pop tune.

On a bouncy, Italo flavoured, synth stomper, Schimmer wraps the  epic vocals in a swirl of warm synths that flow effortlessly with the song, rising throughout toward the tracks euphoric finale. Driven by a punchy synth bass, the track offers up both nostalgic synth vibes and a big, sunrise, feel. Entered as part of a My Midnight Heart reMix competition, if you like you can vote for it here.

♫ My Midnight Heart – Solace (Jules Schimmer reMix)

Check out more from My Midnight Heart on SoundCloud.

[Mixtape] Jules Schimmer’s April mix


Jules Schimmer

Jules Schimmer – Mix April 2013 = Here’s a storming collection of tracks from Manchester mad man Jules Schimmer. Loaded with choice cuts from the last couple of months, Schimmer whips up a dancefloor frenzy, that we are going to save for Friday night.

Jules Schimmer – Mix April 2013

The tracklist:

01. Ben Macklin & Yota – Controller
02. Aimes – Just Wake Me Up When The Sun Goes Down (Jules Schimmer reMix)
03. Thrill Kill – Night Skies
04. Hot Chip – Night & Day (Rex The Triangle reMix)
05. Gigamesh – Enjoy
06. That Work – Soul On Fire (Yung Skeeter reMix)
07. The Presets – Adults Only
08. Betty Who – Somebody Loves You (FM Attack reMix)
09. Tiam Wills (Feat. Elsalou) – Hardiscount (Awkoder reMix)
10. Allo APM – Di Di Di Da Da Da (Jules Schimmer reMix)
11. Gotye – Somebody That I Used To Know (Rainsword Dreamwave reMix)
12. Cherub – Doses & Mimosas (Noah Hyde reMix)
13. 2wo Third3 – I Want The World (Accapella)
14. Lindstrøm & Todd Terje – Lanzarote
15. Aestetik – Intense Business (Lenno reMix)
16. Justin Faust – Do It Again

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[MP3] Aimes’ new reMix EP


Brooklyn Chilly SynthPop artist Aimes is gearing up for the release of a new reMix collection. A release of reworking of tracks from his acclaimed Beautiful Decay EP of last year, Aimes has roped in the likes of Soft Lighting, Chaz Bronz, Beto Cravioto, Travmatic, Business Casual Disco, Rioux and Jules Schimmer and more for an eight track (which is more of an album really!) monster that spans numerous electronic styles and delivers something for everyone.

Standout tracks on the release, for us, include Jules Schimmers’ sumptuous 80’s take on Wake Me Up Before The Sun Goes Down. Schimmer gets his Pet Shop Boys on, heavy on the retro bass and cowbells, all wrapped up in swirling synth strings. The EP’s opener, a reMix of Somewhere In Space We Hang Suspended produced by Soft Lighting, sets the Cosmic mood for the rest of the EP, all pulsating synths in a reverb washed haze. For a more dancefloor oriented inclusion, you can look to Chaz Bronz whose deep Chicago House take on Oh My My has delayed organs and rimshots to place it right at home in a late 80’s warehouse party. The whole EP has everything you’d want, from Disco to Ambient, all wrapped up with Aimes’ Sci-Fi smoothness.

♫ Aimes – Wake Me Up Before The Sun Goes Down (Jules Schimmer reMix)

Aimes – Somewhere In Space We Hang Suspended (Soft Lighting reMix)

♫ Aimes – Oh My My (Chas Bronz reMix)

Aimes’ Beautiful Decay reMixed is released 5th March.

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Jules Schimmer reMixes alloapm


One of Manchester’s finest exports, Mr.  Jules Schimmer, has been working his retro synth magic once again, this time on Tokyo based DreamPop outfit alloapm. I almost called alloapm an ‘avant-garde DancePop outfit’, as they can get a little weird, but in a good way, and they never stop bringing the Disco, so we’ll just stick with ‘DancePop outfit’ for now and see how the post unfolds.

Anyway, Schimmer is riding high right now with a string of really top quality reMixes, and the on-going development of a bigger and bigger sound, bringing some hands-in-the-air to it’s ‘80’s core. Unfortunately most of the time it’s buried away on SoundCloud. Seriously, more people need to hear JS’ tracks, I think the word underrated really does apply here, the word on Schimmer needs to get out. Just take this new track, like I said, hands-in-the-air with an ‘80’s core. And over the bouncy retro bassline the epic stuff gets really epic. Beautifully orchestrated strings that weave in an out of a piercing lead line lift the track up to such heights and play around the highly effected vocals to produce a track with a huge scope. nostalgic and majestic at the same time. Jules Schimmer, like an ‘80’s movie, brings laughter, tears and eventual triumph in just under five mins of uplifting ElectroPop.

alloapm – Di Di Di Da Da Da (Jules Schimmer reMix)

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Aaron Alexis & Jules Schimmer


Once again Manchester’s great Dreamwave hope Mr. Jules Schimmer takes on New York’s most underrated ElectroPop artist Aaron Alexis with this reMix of ‘In The Air’. Look, I’ll level with you, it will no doubt come as no shock to learn that we’ll be releasing something with Aaron later this year, and that something will also include work from Jules. So, there’s little chance of me remaining impartial here, I love both these guys, they floor me with everything they do.

That said, this new reMix of ‘In The Air’ sees Jules take a slightly different track from his usual huge ‘80’s sounding mixes and goes down a slightly Euphoric route. Mixing in a little Balearic sunrise vibe with a big piano line with Aarons soulful vocals results in a big rush of emotion and some hairs-standing-up-on-the-back-of-your-neck musical moments. Also, it sounds a lot like an undiscovered The Sound Of Arrows song, which is a compliment. With a bit of a push this could easily be and Ibiza hit this summer.

Aaron Alexis – In The Air (Jules Schimmer reMix)

Check out more from Aaron Alexis on SoundCloud.

Jules Schimmer reMixes Aaron Alexis

Aaron Alexis

Ney York ElectroPop artist (and general renascence man) Aaron Alexis’ ‘Heart Box Smasher’ was an intimate, eclectic, slice of SynthPop we featured last summer, well that was until Manc retro synth man Jules Schimmer got his hands on it. Now it’s a huge slap of ‘80’s electronic Pop.

Schimmer brings that particularly ‘80’s combination of bouncy and moody to the tune with a slight Italo flavour and some deep pads. Crafting a tune that could easily work as the theme tune to a mid-‘80’s TV show about a crime fighting Casanova, the combination of Aaron’s soulful vocals and Jules’ RoboPop is something that works amazingly well. We need to hear more from these two, separately, and maybe more together too.

Aaron Alexis – Heart Box Smasher (Jules Schimmer reMix)

Check out more from Aaron Alexis on SoundCloud.

Jules Schimmer’s ‘On The Train’ mix


Jules Schimmer – On The Train Mix =An awesome mix of ElectroPop and Nu-Disco from Mr. Schimmer that began life on a train journey home from London after a particularly heavy night out in Shoreditch and Dalston with some famous people, and me. Which, frankly, is far to constructive a use for a day I spent wandering aimlessly round Camden looking for something with Bacon in it…

Jules Schimmer – On The Train Mix

The tracklist:

01. Topless – We Both Know
02. Poolside – Do You Believe? (Goldroom reMix)
03. Daniel Merriweather (Feat. Wale) Change (Gigamesh reMix)
04. Escort – Cocaine Blues
05. Nile Delta – All This
06. Alex Winston – Velvet Elvis (RAC reMix)
07. Cordova – Paradigm
08. John Legend – Rolling In The Deep (Edwin Van Cleef reMix)
09. French Horn Rebellion – “This Moment” (Kap10kurt reMix)
10. Lazydisco – More Tigers (Coupons reMix)
11. Architecture In Helsinki – That Beep
12. Gigamesh – When You’re Dancing (RAC reMix)
13. Ronika – In The City
14. Holy Ghost! – Wait & See (Kris Menace reMix)
15. Only Children – Don’t Stop
16. Oliver – I Need You

Check out more from Jules Schimmer on SoundCloud.