[MP3] Aaron Alexis’ ‘Wild Nights’


Aaron Alexis

Here’s smothing a little smooth as we east ourselves toward the weekend. Out friend Aaron Alexis has served up this relaxing slice of R&B tinged Chillwave titled Wild Nights. Although it’s not really Wind Nights-esque, more like Slinky Nights, Aaron set’s us up for a chilled few days.

Wild Nights is a melting pot of Tropical hooks, Slo-Mo Disco grooves and R&B charm. Mix all that up with a laid back lounge feel and you’ve got the soundtrack to late nights in smokey backroom bars and moonlight swims. Deep woody basses and atmospheric pads rise and fall throughout the track, with haunting percussion and a determined clap beat. Aaron’s vocal croons out amidst a warm glow of reverb drenched sounds. Then gentle piano is just the icing on the cake.

Aaron Alexis – Wild Nights

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