[Audio] Aaron Alexis’s new single

Aaron Alexis

One of our favourite introspective ElectroPop artists Aaron Alexis is about to drop a new single, Kill The Lights, at the beginning of next year. The very beginning in fact, Kill the Lights is released January 1st, which seems like an odd time to release a single, let hope it doesn’t get ignored in the entire worlds post-NYE hangover, as it would be a shame for these two beautiful tracks to go unheard.

Kill The Lights is a lush, enveloping wash of sound interspersed with gentle electric piano and a vintage beat. Accompanying the reams of buzzing synths and piercing chimes, Aaron’s instantly recognisable croon weaves in and out of the track like smoke. The B-side, Scars shows off more of Aaron’s BedroomPop skills. A hunting industrial ballad that sees Aaron’s lament echoing through shivering rhythms and starfall leads encased in a thick fog of synthetic tones. the two tracks are a little slower paced that we are used to from Aaron Alexis and would have probably been better served alongside one of his more upbeat numbers, nevertheless this side of Aaron is always a pleasure to visit and he carries the release well. The single also comes equipped with a reMix from Kyson, which is, unfortunately, pretty uninspired Downtempo-by-numbers, but luckily that doesn’t distract one bit from these two new lush offerings from the talented Mr. Alexis. Definitely worth checking out to soundtrack these cold winter months.

♫ Aaron Alexis – Kill The Lights

♫ Aaron Alexis – Scars

Aaron Alexis’ Kill The Lights is released January 1st 2013.

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