Aaron Alexis’ ‘In The Air’

Aaron Alexis

Aaron Alexis, who I’m not going to call “video director turned ElectroPop artist” anymore, just “ElectroPop artist”, has dropped his new tune, ‘In The Air’.

‘In The Air’ is a nice meeting of soulful vocals, Ed Banger-esque Electro and ‘90’s Pop House. Like Seal singing over a Justice reMix of a Black Box tune. In contract to his introspective BedroomPop of recent releases ‘In the Air’ sees Aaron in majestic mode, whiles there is still an intimate tone to his vocals the track itself is pretty huge. The piano of ‘90’s House meeting head on on with plucked strings and a big bridging horn section, leads to some dirty synth with a touch of the baroque. It’s a nice mix, and nicely produced too, more like this please,

Aaron Alexis – In The Air

Check out more from Aaron Alexis on SoundCloud.

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