[Video] Leitbur’s ‘Strange In L.A.’


Leitbur    Strange in L.A.   Official Video    YouTube

The lead track from L.A. Dreamwave outfit Leitbur’s The Moment That I Knew You EP, the wonderful Strange In L.A., has gone and got itself a brand new video. Peep this!

The clip, directed by Jaron Widman, is pieced together from creative commons clips, with an added layer of the surreal served up by some slick animation. It really is strange in L.A.

Leitbur’s The Moment That I Knew You EP is out now.

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[Audio] Leitbur’s ‘Strange In L.A.’



There a new release forthcoming from LA SynthPop dreamers Leitbur. The EP, titled, The Moment That I Knew You drops at the end of this month; ahead of which you can check out the lead track from the release. it’s a majestic SynthPop epic called Strange In L.A. a nostalgia laden ode to their home city. Sit back for the sweeping mood.

Opening with a classic SynthWave sound, the song soon elevates itself beyond retro pastiche with a war and heartfelt song and a grove that juggled powerhouse ElectroPop for B-boy beats and Sci-Fi synths. Leitbur are no stranger to soaring keys, and in this case the chorus delivers a stratospheric lead paired with catchy vocals. A song like this deserves a suitably epic finale and Leitbur deliver that in heaps. We’d love to catch this one live.

♫ Leitbur – Strange In L.A.

Leitbur’s The Moment That I Knew You EP is released 21st April.

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Leitbur release free reMix EP


Released earlier this year, Think Of Tomorrow from LA act Leitbur is one of the standout SynthPop releases of the year. Catchy and atmospheric, mixing classic SynthPop with a cool LA funk Leitbur delivered a driving tune with a massive, memorable chorus. The track has had a few reMix treatments over the months, and now Leitbur has collected them all into one EP, that’s available for your listening pleasure, for free.

There’s a lot of the EP, seven different versions of Think Of Tomorrow that range from Ryan Alli’s Dubstep interpretation to UD & Jowin’s big room take. Our picks of the EP (and it’s hard to pick favourites here) would have to be Kool Bandits version, a soundclash of early ‘90’s House and DiscoPop with an infectious bassline and the vocals keeps pretty much intact, resulting in something that would be perfectly at home on MTV circe 1992. Fletch’s Live & Loud reMix injects the track with a raw synthesizer groove while KiAh serve up a Deep House track, loaded with moody, atmospheric synths and dreamlike melodies. Portugal’s MAU turn in a reMix that seamlessly combines vintage SnythPop with some kind of dancefloor vibe. Out of all the remixes , it’s MAU’s that takes the most advantage of that big chorus, layering it think with lush synth work. Think Of Tomorrow is a stunning song, and these reMixes expand the experience of it.

Leitbur – Think Of Tomorrow (Kool Bandits reMix)

Leitbur – Think Of Tomorrow (MAU reMix)

Leitbur – Think Of Tomorrow (KiAh reMix)

Leitbur – Think Of Tomorrow (Fletch’s Live & Loud reMix)

Leibur’s Rethink: TomorrowEP is out now, for free.

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Leitbur are an LA based SynthPop outfit, well I say outfit, it’s actually one guy, Jaron Widman (who is one ‘l’ away from having an top tier name) who was amongst the winners of the recent Cinnamon Chasers reMix competition. Seizing the opportunity to gain a little more exposure Leitbur is wasting no time in releasing a new EP.

The ‘Think Of Tomorrow’ EP is out next month and holds five tracks of dreamy Californian SynthPop, which is actually quite an interesting twist on things. By now we’re all quite used to the west cost vibe in Electronic music. From Binary’s Dreamwave stable or DâM-FunK’s LA groove to the likes of Leisure Council and Oliver’s smooth take on Nu-Disco, there seems to be an LA atmosphere that permeates the music, kinda’ relaxed, kinda’ optimistic, loaded with nostalgia. We’ve seen it applied to Disco, ElectroPop, Electro but I think this is the first time I’ve heard it in a SynthPop context, and it works really well. The title track is a pumping, epic, slice of SynthPop with a contrasting summery feel and a streak of melancholy that really sit comfortable. There’s a slight bit of Italo in there too that gives it a nice dancefloor slant that pushed forward the anaemic chorus. The EP’s other standout is Old Life, which displays more of a laid back groove and a sunset vibe over the rolling synths. It’s an impressive collection of retro sounding synth tracks and well written songs that hopefully should see Leitbur gaining a wider audience.

♫ Leitbur – Think Of Tomorrow

♫ Leitbur – Old Life (Indie Cut)

Leitbur’ ‘Think Of Tomorrow’ EP is released 26th June.

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