Scarlet Soho’s ‘Solo KO’ EP

scarlet soho

Early November see the release of the new EP from one of the UK most underrated Indie-ElectroPop outfits, Scarlet Soho. Hot on the heels of their insanely infectious When The Lights Go Out single comes Solo KO, which sees the band expressing their deeper, more passionate side after the pervious single’s catchy Pop gloss.

We caught the video for Solo KO earlier in the week, it’s an ominous sounding track but in the tradition of the best British SynthPop of the ‘80’s, it’s melancholy is shot through with an injection of optimism. A deep warping synth bass underpins the track with a sombre mood, but this is tempered with some lush stings and James’ passionate vocal. By the time the chorus hits, in all it’s anthemic glory, it’s time for a hands-in-the-air moment. Solo KO is flipped with Make The Final, a pulsating, stripped down, SynthPop track with a nice duelling vocoded/clean vocal. Make The Final would nicely soundtrack a training montage in an ‘80’s flick (so just keep that in mind next time you have an enemy to defeat or an obstacle to overcome), just right for a synthetic inspirational timeout. The EP also hold’s a beautiful, rich, vintage SynthPop reMix of Solo KO by Swedish trio Candide and a rough and ready Electro-House mix from Hamburg’s Teenage Mutants, who deliver chopped up vocals and chainsaw synths over a shuffling Techno beat. Solo KO is the prefect compliment to When The Lights Go Out, showing two sides to Scarlet Soho, who knows what EP number three will hold?

Scarlet Soho – Solo KO (Radio Edit)

Scarlet Soho – Solo KO (Teenage Mutants reMix)

You can pre-order the Solo KO EP from Scarlet Soho’s website. It’ll be released 9th November.

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