Only You

Only You

When music is just thrust upon us with no introduction, it can be hard to muster up the enthusiasm to even listen to it, in the flood of promo material we receive every single day making yourself stand out is pretty important. But sometimes we have a little more time on our hands, or are just feeling intrepid, and dive on in to random track. This time around we are extremely glad we took the plunge with American retro Pop outfit Only You, who sole track, Secrets, is a pretty stunning début.

Secrets is an amazingly slick, and well produced, slab of 80s Pop. Changeling the best in mid-80s American SynthPop, it’s got that big production sheen that at the time you could only get from multi-million dollar 48 track studios, and even on todays technology still requires a hint of talent to recreate. the track is layered with rich vintage synth sounds, with multiple pads and lead lines weaving in and out of one another. It’s the vocal on Secrets that makes the track really shine, though. Not only is it lyrically a lot of fun, but the vocal performance is pitch perfect 80s Pop, right down to call-and-response backing vocals in the chorus. And the way the vocals play off against the sparking leads and bouncy post-Italo bassline make the song a fantastic slice of nostalgia. This is 80s Pop done properly.

♫ Only You – Secrets

Check out more from Only You on SoundCloud.

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