Leitbur are an LA based SynthPop outfit, well I say outfit, it’s actually one guy, Jaron Widman (who is one ‘l’ away from having an top tier name) who was amongst the winners of the recent Cinnamon Chasers reMix competition. Seizing the opportunity to gain a little more exposure Leitbur is wasting no time in releasing a new EP.

The ‘Think Of Tomorrow’ EP is out next month and holds five tracks of dreamy Californian SynthPop, which is actually quite an interesting twist on things. By now we’re all quite used to the west cost vibe in Electronic music. From Binary’s Dreamwave stable or DâM-FunK’s LA groove to the likes of Leisure Council and Oliver’s smooth take on Nu-Disco, there seems to be an LA atmosphere that permeates the music, kinda’ relaxed, kinda’ optimistic, loaded with nostalgia. We’ve seen it applied to Disco, ElectroPop, Electro but I think this is the first time I’ve heard it in a SynthPop context, and it works really well. The title track is a pumping, epic, slice of SynthPop with a contrasting summery feel and a streak of melancholy that really sit comfortable. There’s a slight bit of Italo in there too that gives it a nice dancefloor slant that pushed forward the anaemic chorus. The EP’s other standout is Old Life, which displays more of a laid back groove and a sunset vibe over the rolling synths. It’s an impressive collection of retro sounding synth tracks and well written songs that hopefully should see Leitbur gaining a wider audience.

♫ Leitbur – Think Of Tomorrow

♫ Leitbur – Old Life (Indie Cut)

Leitbur’ ‘Think Of Tomorrow’ EP is released 26th June.

Buy Leitbur’s music from:

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