Joypopp’s Addictions


Today sees the release of French duo Joypopp’s brand new album. We are really pleased to have our hands on a full length release from these two. We’ve been waiting since last year’s Binary release of their Ecstatic EP, a rich, emotional collection of ElectroPop tracks that was one of the highlights of they year. Now, Addictions brings us ten tracks, some new, some old, of dreamy SynthPop goodness.

Kicking off with the shimmering catchy Domination, Addictions is an album of sweeping moods and rich, haunting electronics. Sensation is one of the quieter tracks on the album, but sums up Joypopp’s manifesto. Blissful vintage ElectroPop with a slight nod to contemporary Electro. Sensation sweeps you up in it’s wake and carries you along in the beauty of both Alix’s vocals and David (Daroc)’s symphony of synthetics. Things pick up tempo for Caress, with almost Italo overtones and the Synth-Rock groove of Pleasure. Inner World has got ‘single’ written all over it, upbeat and catchy it’s a track that shows of Alix and Davis talents at the fullest, rich and emotional SynthPop music. Desire was one of the tracks, featured on the Ecstatic EP, that made us fall in love with Joypopp in the first place and is a great example of how Joypopp are able to combine the hauntingly beautiful and the grittily electronic with seeming ease and an infectious vibe. It’s EP mate Volupté also puts in an appearance, arguable the best track on the EP. Elsewhere the EP features the full-on French-Electro/Italo workout of Selfishness and the Ladytron-esque Indie-Electro of Vanity and Skin Taste. Whereas there is a lot going on on this album, a lot of different influenced, Joypopp tie it all together nicely with their unique sound and make the record feel more like a retro music journey than a collection of songs. This is one record from 2013 that is very highly recommended.

♫ Joypopp – Sensation

♫ Joypopp – Volupté

♫ Joypopp – Desire

Joypopp’s Addictions is released today.

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