Shiny Toy Guns’ new single

Shiny Toy Guns

Here’s the history of Electro-Rock outfit Shiny Toy Guns. In 2004 they are an awesome New Wave/ElectroPop band. In 2005 the release the slightly more guitary, but still amazing We Are Pilots. In 2006 they sign to a major and re-release that album as, basically an electronically based alt rock album. In 2008 they kick out singer Carah Faye (boo!) and it all turns into tedious mediocre rock. Stuff happens between 2008-2011 that isn’t very interesting. In 2011 they get Carah Faye back (yay!) and start releasing some really interesting material. And here we are.

Waiting Alone was released this week, their new single, and it really plays to Shiny Toy Guns’ strengths. Carah Faye and Chad doing call-and-response vocals, big beats and lush synths, sprinkled with a little guitar and a big passionate performance. The thing about Carah Faye’s vocals, and indeed Chad’s too, is that they always sound so real, so genuine. It’s very nice to hear Shiny Toy Guns back in the electronic arena. If they keep this up we’ll be very interested to hear their forthcoming new album, III.

♫ Shiny Toy Guns – Waiting Alone

Shiny Toy Guns’ Waiting Alone is out now.

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