Shiny Toy Guns’ ‘Fading Listening’


Are our favourite Electro-Rockers Shiny Toy Guns finally getting the Dreamwave fever? Their new single Fading Listening, the second to be taken from their forthcoming album III is funky as hell, and that’s not necessarily a thing you usually say about Shiny Toy Guns. Neither are ‘tropical’, ‘beach Funk’ or ‘laid back groove’, but these things might have to be said now.

Fading Listening is a surprising track from these guys. It’s also very good. It’s so surprising, I still can’t believe it’s them. Adding a little Tropical flavour to their music, as is fashionable, I could get my head around, but Fading Listening is is full-on Binary style Dreamwave. Mixing up a little beach Funk with their duet, Shiny Toy Gun deliver a laid back groove, full of nostalgia and good vibes. We were pretty interested in their upcoming new album, if it’s full of vintage Pop like this, we’re pretty excited.

♫ Shiny Toy Guns – Fading Listening

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