[Audio] Kamp!’s ‘Parallels’



Here’s the next track unveiling from the forthoming new Cascine released EP from Polish ElectroPop wizards Kamp!. Speaking of camping; we’ll be offline for a while in a few weeks, for our annual holiday, at Bestial. Our new tent has just turned up but the weather’s been so shitty recently we haven’t had a chance to try it out; and we do link to make sure it’s all in order. I mean, no-one wants to turn up at a festival to find they’re missing a bunch of tent pegs. Unless, of course, you’re the guy who actively tries to get his tent to end up in a bush, with him in it; which we are definitely not. Anyway, (*checks word-count*), the new Kamp! single is called Parallels.

Parallels is slightly more the Kamp! we are used to than the previous offering, Early Days. This one kicks off with an undulating analog synth grind which doesn’t let up for the entire anthemic four minutes. There more of a groove to this one to, at times sounding like a heavily reverbed Tesla Boy. The combination of deep pulsating bass and smoky synths leave the track in a dusky nexus spot with the vocals lift the track to new heights. The EP is coming soon and whatnot.

♫ Kamp! – Parallels

Kamp!’s Baltimore EP is released 28th August.

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[Audio] Kamp!’s ‘Early Days’



Big news from the Kamp! camp. Out favourite Polish ElectroPoppers have joined the Cascine camp. That’s a lot of camp; to paraphrase that shark movie (no, not Sharknado 2) “we’re gonna’ need a bigger tent!”. The guys are gearing up to release their brand new EP with the lovely Cascine folk later this month. A three track affair titled Baltimore. Here’s your first taste of what to expect in the forms of the track Early Days.

Fittingly, Early Days sounds like Kamp! Cascine-ified. With a little shuffling 90s vibe injected into their usually 80s SynthPoppieness and a whole load of reverb to snuggle up to. Sounding a little moodier, and a little hazier, that they have previously is no bad thing as Kamp! whip! up a smokey symphony of harsh synths with the corners sanded down and Industrial purcussion with a featherlight touch. Slap on some distant, lamenting vocals and you’ve got something unexpected, but quite exciting, coming from the Kamp! camp.

♫ Kamp! – Early Days

Kamp!’s Baltimore EP is released 28th August.

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[Audio] JBAG & Kamp!’s ‘Through Blue’ (+ Holmes Price reMix)



London’s premier ElectroPop duo JBAG are back in business, and this time they are dragging Polish SynthPoppers Kamp!’ along for the ride. Out today on Jerry Bouthier’s own Continental Records is Through Blue. The comes with a packed collection of reMixes that includes work from Holmes Price, Jay Lamar & Jesse Oliver and Venice Beach. Get ready for some deep and enveloping grooves.

Through Blue sees JBAG testing the waters of Deep House and folding it into their sassy DiscoPop sound. Weaving robotic and bassy synth sounds into a soulful and emotional sonic tapestry, JBAG offer up some seriously warm summer sounds. Kamp! singer Tomek Szpaderski’s low key vocal style add to the laid back vibe of the track, his subtle croon sharing time with the chiming leads. Holmes Price’s take on the tune injects a little vintage piano House into proceedings. A euphoric symphony of 90s House sounds, frenzied purcussion and filtered vocal snatches, Price’s reMix grabs the track and drags it straight to the dancefloor, and we’re happy to go along with it. The whole EP is definitely worth you checking out.

♫ JBAG (Feat. Kamp!) – Through Blue

♫ JBAG – Through Blue (Holmes Price reMix)

JBAG’s Through Blue is out now.

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[MP3] Rebeka’s ‘Melancholia’ reMixed



This week sees the release of a sweet collection of reMixes of Polish quirky ElectroPop duo Rebeka’s Melancholia single. Their label, Brennnessel, has pulled together some of the top names on raw electronic Disco to deliver three hefty versions of the tune. Moullinex, Shindu and Brennnessel bosses Kamp! all weave their dancefloor magic with Iwona’s epic vocals.

Moullinex’s reMix is instantly recognisably his. An energetic, Cosmic Disco take on the song, that borrows a few tricks from Dub and gets quite dark at times. Put together on all analog equipment, Moullinex’s offering blends his rough ‘n’ ready Disco sound with Rebeka’s soaring ElectroPop to great effect. Belgium’s Shindu get enigmatic as they tackle the tune. Working around a deep synth bass and sparkling 80s leads, Shindu turn in a reMix that is a dancefloor intoxicant yet reminiscent of the best in 80s Pop. Once you get drawn into Shindu’s bass and keys, it’s hard to get out again as the track envelopes you in it’s warm layers of sound. Brennnessel’s own Kamp! take the energetic route with their version, opting for a French House influenced floorfiller. Big beats, big riffs and a piano hook to get lost in are the order of the day here. This is definitely one for the crate, indeed they all are. Check em out, did we mention that they are free?

Rebeka – Melancholia (Moullinex reMix)

Rebeka – Melancholia (Shindu reMix)

Rebeka – Melancholia (Kamp! reMix)

Rebeka’s Melancholia reMixes are out now.

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[Video] Kamp!’s ‘Can’t You Wait’


Kamp    Can t you wait  Official Video    YouTube

Here’s the video for Polish ElectroPop heroes Kamp!’s new single, the retro-funkin’ and evocative, Can’t You Wait.

It’s basically a bunch of footage of soundchecking and some live work, nicely shot, in bleached black & white, by Magdalena Czmuda.

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[Audio] Zimmer and Xinobi reMix Kamp!


We’ve been looking forward to the single release of Polish ElectroPoppers Kamp!’s Melt for a while now, eager to hear the reMixes. Discotexas dropped the package at the end of last week and the release, with reworks from Zimmer, Xinobi and Midnight Magic, has lived up to our expectations.

The original of Melt is a deep slice of retro Pop, laden with waves of dreamy synths and infectious piano, which Parisian producer Zimmer builds on with style. Grabbing the Houser elements with both hands, Zimmer folds in a little of his own brand of Tropical Disco, which he called Horizontal Disco, to create a blissful laid back track, full of popping percussion and a pool party groove. Xinobi’s mix take the track in more of a House direction, providing a deep vibe, bass heavy and playing with that piano hook. There’s a gorgeous breakdown and build in this one too. The single has a mix for every occasion, if those occasions involve good times.

♫ Kamp! – Melt (Zimmer reMix)

♫ Kamp! – Melt (Xinobi reMix)

Kamp!’s Melt is out now.

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[Video] Kamp!’s ‘Melt’

Polish ElectroPoppers Kamp!’s recent album, on their own Brennnessel label contained many highlights, and Melt was one of the biggest, now it’s a soon-to-be-single…with a slick video.

Directed by Tomasz Goldbaum-Wlazinski the clip gives synchronized swimming a point, and it;s beautifully shot.

Kamp!’s Melt is out soon on Discotexas with Zimmer on reMix duties.

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Kamp!’s ‘Sulk’


The last we heard of awesome Polish ElectroPoppers Kamp! was last November, so we’re pretty pleased that now, a year later, they are readying their début album. Set for release next month on Brennnessel, the album is preceded by this new single, Sulk.

Sulk kicks off with an air of those introspective moments in a John Hughes movie. Haunting and yet Poppy. Combining dreamy retro Pop with a slick Nu-Disco bassline, Kamp! bring a New Wave feel to the Disco. Sulk ends up being smooth as hell ElectroPop tune that carries you along like waves. With a warm production and Bowie-esque crooning vocals the track suitably reproduces the comfortable sound of American Mid-‘80’s Pop as the track builds and builds to it’s anthemic crescendo. We’re really looking forward to the forthcoming album.

Kamp! – Sulk (Radio Edit)

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Gazella’s ‘Goodbye’


Brennnessel is a new label run by Polish ElectroPop trio Kamp!, one of their first releases is ‘Goodbye’ from fellow Pole Tomasz Jamroz A.K.A. Gazella.

Straight-up deep and moody SynthPop, ‘Goodbye’. With a strong line of ‘80’s Pop DNA running through it the track is sparse with the vocals, but that sits nicely with it’s spacious sound. Like a Disco in a dungeon, ‘Goodbye’ combines a funky groove with cold, cavernous production. Awkoder, up the retro stakes even higher with a Pet Shop Boys-esque bassline and a hint of Blue Monday, on their SynthWave reMix, culminating in a soaring synth-guitar solo.

♫ Gazella – Goodbye

Gazella – Goodbye (Awkoder reMix)

The ‘Goodbye’ EP  is out this week on Brennnessel.

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Kamp! & Philosophy Of Sound


Having had Kamp!’s ‘Cairo’ single on replete for quite a while we’re both excited and relieved to have a brand new reMix to play to death.

Discotexas lablemates Philosophy Of Sound have cooked up an epic, sweeping Disco Dub versions of the tune that is as funky as it is hypnotic. Drawing you in to it’s low-down bass and brain infection Disco lick. The reMix has been dropped in celebration of Discotexas receiving a shipment of 200 limited edition blue vinyl 12”s featuring the Moullinex, JBAG and Social Disco Club reMixes. Get one while they’re hot!

Kamp! – Cairo (Philosophy Of Sound Dub reMix)

‘Cairo’ is out now.

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