It appears to be that time again…Nintendo are putting out another Pokémon game, for the Nintendo DS and to celebrate this auspicious occasion Vice Magazine have teamed up with Nintendo and commissioned seven artists to present their interpretation of Nintendo’s little critters.

Put together in an exhibition titled Re:Pokémon that take’s place at Shoreditch’s Blackall Studios from 24th-31st March, all seven pieces, including the above by Jon Burgerman will be on display.

Not only are Vice Magazine and Nintendo running a competition to win both new games and a DS but they are also throwing a launch party with Filthy Dukes, Friendly Fires and Real Gold gracing the decks that you can win tickets for!

Head on over to to check out the artwork and enter the competition.

[Via Vice Magazine]

The Banksy movie is real!

Shrouded in mystery and left off the official programme to retain secrecy, street artists Banksy’s first movie ‘Exit Through The Gift Shop’ premieres at the Sundance Film Festival this year. The story of a French shop keeper with a mission to film the graffiti artist at work takes a turn when Banksy the camera on him. The trailer has just hit YouTube:

Exit Through The Gift Shop is due to open at cinemas in the UK 5th March.

Children Of The Can


Today I was exited to find that the postman had dropped off my copy of ‘Children Of The Can: 25 Years Of Bristol Graffiti‘ by Felix Braun. This truly amazing book charts the history of the spraycan art in the city that produces some of the best in the world.


Featuring interviews with most of the key players on the Bristol Graffiti scene in the last couple of decades and, more importantly, hundreds of photos, many of which showing art that is no longer there.


For those of you who just happened to stumble across this blog and don’t know me, I’m a Bristolian living in London and I’m fiercely proud of my hometown, I miss it everyday, and some of these images brought a nostalgic tear to my eye. There are pieces, especially in the earlier sections of the book, I used to see all the time in my daily life. The section on the Barton Hill Youth Club particularly made me smile. There’s even some old faces throughout the book!


Bristol has constantly churned out innovative and amazing street art and this book captures that perfectly.

It comes highly recommended!

Buy ‘Childern Of The Can’ @ Tangent Books

Children Of The Can