Nude Disco & Paul Harris reMix Toby Tobias

Toby Tobias

Toby Tobias’ The Feeling, slow groove Disco club smash for a few years back, has been given a fresh new makeover from Nude Disco and  Paul Harris. Both these guys have a long history in dance music so handing them something like Kathy Diamond’s smooth vocal on this tune is bound to produce something sweet.

Fast forwarding the track four years the duo give this tune a shiny Disco-House makeover. Keeping a lot of the Disco groove of the original, Vern & Harris drop a kicking new House beat and layers upon layers of sharp synth work. The soulful vocal takes on a new energy coupled with this new backing, which when added to the intricate synths, makes for a track you could get lost in on the dancefloor. We love these guys reMixes.

Toby Tobias – The Feeling (Nude Disco & Paul Harris reMix)

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