Hercules And Love Affair’s ‘Release Me’

Hercules And Love Affair

Following Digalism’s stunning entry into the series, the next gang up for the honour of compiling a DJ-KICKS album is Hercules And Love Affair. Despite a relatively mediocre second album, the members of H&LA have been producing, collaborating and featuring on some of this years most amazing releases. As is the way DJ-KICKS things work, Hercules And Love Affair have a new original track in the mix, and Release Me give us the impression that the guys have  taken a lot from their various works this year and brought it back to H&LA.

Butler and Pistel really bring an early ‘90’s Pop vibe to Release Me, alongside some ecclectic synth work and retro House Piano. It’s the logical progression from both their past work and the collaboration with Moonlight Matters earlier in the year. Bringing a B-Boy beat and a hint of Electro Boogie to work with the gentle vocals creates a nice contrast, but what elevates this track to greatness is the liberal use of those all-important orchestral stabs.

♫ Hercules And Love Affair – Release Me (DJ-KICKS)

Hercules And Love Affair’s DJ-KICKS is released 29th October on Studio !K7

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