Sometimes & Andrea Britton

Sometimes & Andrea Britton

Out today on Modal is the new single, So Many Reasons, from Sometimes & Andrea Britton. Sometimes is a collaboration between Cassette Club’s Ben Macklin and Vern of Stretch ‘N’ Vern/Reflekt/Nude Disco fame who have teamed up with London based singer/songwriter Britton to drop this blissful slice of DancePop.

Britton is pretty prolific when it comes do dance music vocals, both as a solo artist and as the voice of countless Trance tracks, she has hones a particularly soulful, yet euphoric, style that she displays expertly on this slick of relaxed, summery electronica. So Many Reasons has actually got this really nice SynthWave undertone to it, especially in the bassline with has got this subtle post-Italo feel to it that injects a little retro feel in the track. This works really well alongside a hint of a Balearic sunrise vibe and insanely infectious ElectroPop tune. More than anything though, So Many Reasons is just a timeless, classic dance tune, the kind that just feels right when you hear it.

♫ Sometimes & Andrea Britton – So Many Reasons

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