Grimes’ ‘Genesis’ video

Here’s the new video for GrimesGenesis, one of the best tracks off her Visions album.

The internet seems to hate it, but I can’t figure out why. It’s actually pretty standard video fare these days. I wonder if the internet would like it better if we said Romain Gavras directed it rather than Claire Boucher herself?

Visions is out now.

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Just some of those Barry Manilow reMixes


Right then, by now I think you all know our opinion of reMix contests. They aren’t good for anyone. But we’re not going to go on about it again, but like we said we’re only going to do round-ups of reMix competition entries from now on, because, don;t get us wrong, reMix competitions do churn out some absolutely wicked tracks. This week’s tiresome competition comes in the surprising form of legendary smoothster Barry Manilow in a transparently lame attempt to seem relevant, or something. The upside of this is it’s given some very talented producers access to that unmistakable croon.

So here’s the first batch of reMixes of Manilow’s new single, Everything’s Gonna’ Be Alright. These guys are way ahead of the pack right now. American Disco producer Blue Satellite comes out of hiding to drop an absolutely massive Nu-Disco mix of the track. Seriously, this one is huge. Loading the track with bright synths and a solid Disco groove was exactly the way to go with this track, and Blue Satellite nailed it. Waling a different path if Ireland’s Figure Of 8, who gets a little Techy, a little Electro and a little Experimental with his all-too-short, atmospheric, reMix. His pulsating synth sounds and robotic beats shine a light on a whole new dimension for the song. Greetings Program plays around with Disco and SynthWave for his reMix, injecting the track with a little Electro Boogie. This probably isn’t the last Manilow round-up we’ll do, we are hearing whispers of some huge entries incoming. But this will do for now.

♫ Barry Manilow – Everything’s Gonna’ Be Alright (Blue Satellite reMix)

Barry Manilow – Everything’s Gonna’ Be Alright (Figure Of 8 reMix)

Barry Manilow – Everything’s Gonna’ Be Alright (Greetings Program reMix)

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boerd’s ‘Wavelength’ video

Last week boerd, side project of Stay Ali’s Bård Ericson, impressed us with his third EP Velocity.

Now the EP’s first track, Wavelength, has got itself a suitably calming video, Directed by Swiss filmmaker Kommak.

Velocity is out now.

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AlunaGeorge’s ‘Your Drums, Your Love’


Your Drums, Your Love is the new track from London’s off-beat, Avant-Pop duo AlunaGeorge. Expect more of the ‘90’s R&B inspired experimental Pop that we’ve come to love from these two.

A hazy, Dub heavy, track. Your Drums, Your Love brings the heavy subs and vocal samples to play against Aluna’s sweet vocals, and their catchy ElectroPop hook. Your Drums, Your Love, the twosome’s next single, is easily the best track they have released since the incredible Analyser from last year. Not that their releases in-between haven’t been excellent, they have, but this new single, and Analyser are the bands real standouts. Your Drums, Your Love is a funky, bass heavy, three and a half minutes of beauty in darkness.

♫ AlunaGeorge – Your Drums, Your Love

AlunaGeorge’s Your Drums, Your Loveis released 7th October.

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Moscow Youth Cult’s ‘Love>Lore’ video

Here’s the new video for Notts Indie-Electro outfit Moscow Youth Cult’s Love>Lore. It;s a track we’ve featured before and we do love it when tracks we like get nice videos.

Hayley Watchorn directs this  study of interesting bits travelling that seems strangely fitting.

Moscow Youth Cult’s Happiness Machines is out now.

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boerd’s ‘Velocity’ EP


Swedish funky electronic act boerd’s third EP was released this week. A side-project of Stay Ali’s Bård Ericson, boerd allows him to experiment with electronic sounds, bouncy grooves and atmospheric textures outside of the confines of traditional song arrangements.

The Velocity EP is the prefect nexus of all things boerd so far, effortlessly combining the experimental, the ambient, and the hella funky into four blissful tracks. The EP kicks off with the smooth other-planet-beach-chill-fest of Wavelength before descending into Shuttle, a track that layers electronic R&B beats with space-age, alien, synthetic textures and stabbing retro melodies. It’ll soon have you feeling misty eyed nostalgia for a future you only imagines in the ‘80’s. Flimmer bring things back a little, allowing the cosmic chill-out to continue amidst broken beats and haunting electric piano. Ericson once again plays to his strengths here, deep grooves and melody. And he knows melody! The EP plays out on it’s title track, Velocity, which adds a little Dub flavour into the mix before building toward a crashing saxophone finale. It’s a beautiful, space-age, musical trip boerd has conjured up. Artwork by DW Design too, which is always nice to see.

♫ boerd – Shuttle

♫ boerd – Flimmer

♫ boerd – Velocity

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Labyrinth Ear’s ‘Urchin’

Labyrinth Ear

It’s been a while since their pretty stunning Apparitions EP but now London Experimental SynthPop duo Labyrinth Ear are once again ready to treat our ears to some of the most interesting electronic music around. It’s been nearly a year since their last EP, but their new track, Urchin, let’s us know they haven’t been sitting on their laurels.

A mixture of chimes and deep synthetic bassline greet you at the beginning of Urchin, sounding not unlike something from BladeRunner. Such futuristic connotations are soon shed, thought, as Labyrinth Ear launch into a moody, organic SynthPop dream. Industrial percussion and ghostly synths lay out the tracks atmosphere, threatening to take the song into Goth territory, but Labyrinth Ear refrain from things from getting too pompous by keeping a very human, emotional, feel to the track. Both in Tom’s gloomy Italo dungeon music and Emily’s haunting vocal performance. Hopefully a precursor of things to come.

Labyrinth Ear – Urchin

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Cygnus’ ‘Newmark Phase’


Deep Electro beats abound on Dallas, Texas based Electro outfit Cygnus début release.  It’s the first release of new Sheffield imprint Central Processing Unit that joins the dots between B-Boy Electro and the myriad bass heavy electronic experimentalisms that have come out of South Yorkshire, from Cabaret Voltaire to LFO. Although American, Cygnus create a robotic, analog, groove that fits perfectly with a label based in the Steel City, with their album, titled Newmark Phase.

The album comes in two forms, a ten track digital release and a three track 12”. It’s hard to know what order to review the album in, as the tracklist is both in alphabetical order and numbered in binary, but the binary starts at 0000, or zero, for track number (we presume) one. So you end up with the eighth track on the album numbered 0111 (or seven), the ninth numbered 1000 (or eight) and the tenth 1001 (or nine). I think we’ll just stick with alphabetical for now…these crazy Electro kids these days, eh? So, the album kicks off with Atari Lovers and it’s the prefect introduction to what you’ll be treated to for the next hour. Deep kicks, snapping snares, robot rock beats and a sheer revelling in synthetic sounds. Most of the album revolves around old school Electro beats, layered with rich tones and atmospherics that are sometimes complimented, sometimes juxtaposed with gritty, piercing lead lines and ringing melodies. This is best exemplified on tracks like Bedroom Activities, Icasean Mutant Police or Red District Girls, but there are occasion when Cygnus veers off into Minimal Techno in the likes of Hungry DJs gets close to SynthWave on track such as the haunting District Nights. The title track is one of the standouts and available on both versions of the album, a machine led science fiction soundscape, evocative of urban dystopias. The combination of body pooping beats and strange, otherworldly melodies is at once both unsettling and comforting, like Incunabula era Autechre. Also one of the highlights is Private Feelings, a relentless yet warm analog workout and a joy for fans of synthesizer music. If you like your B-Boy Electro, or your atmospheric electronics, or happen to need a soundtrack for your dark future, then look no further and get your ears round Cygnus.

♫ Cygnus – Private Feelings

Cygnus’ Newmark Phase is released 24th September on vinyl and digital.

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Casiokids‘ quirky Olympics.


Obviously not happy with the state of Olympic music as is (and, to be fair it is mostly cringe inducing cash-ins) Norwegian left field ElectroPop gang Casiokids have decided to give away their track, Olympiske Leker, for free along with a brand new version. The whole thing is odd, it’s probably the least sporty track ever, but that’s probably a good thing.

If you haven’t already heard the track, it was one of the standouts from their Aabenbaringen Over Aaskammen album, it’s typically Casiokids eclectic. Lo-Fi, but not sparse, the synths are cheap, but there’s lots of them. It’s a juddering, and insanely catchy track with a deceptively majestic melody. Quirky ElectroPop with an ice cold exterior but a warm heart. The V.2 take on Olympiske Leker, is a bit more dancefloor aimed (but only a bit) which adds energetic beats to the mix. Casiokids are launching their own Olympics in Twitter, the winner of the best suggestion for a new sport to be included in the Olympics will receive their album and a Gullbrød (Golden Bread) chocolat. #casiolympics on entries.

Casiokids – Olympiske Leker

Casiokids – Olympiske Leker V.2

Casiokids Aabenbaringen Over Aaskammen album is out now.

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Moscow Youth Cult’s ‘Happiness Machines’

Moscow Youth Cult

Moscow Youth Cult have graced these pages a few times since their inception. The Nottingham based Indie-Electro experimentalists have drawn us into their Sci-Fi world on more than one occasion and now with the forthcoming release of their début long player, Happiness Machines,  we get to spend a whole hour amongst their post-Industrial funky soundscapes.

After the buzzing, and strangely emotional, atmospheric intro of Shimmer Star has allowed your mind to wander to distant, fantastical, places, the pounding kick of Love>Lore shakes you right back to reality and drops you firmly in the middle of a swirling cloud of sound roped together with an unusual future funk. As the record continues, with a few tracks you might have heard before, Iris, Phase IV, Survivasm, it feels like a fresh take in Moscow Youth Cult. Together in a full length album you get more of a sense of MYC than you did in the singles an EPs. Amongst the Cabaret Voltaire noise there are some blissfully euphoric songs, with an almost Chillwave tone to them. Actually, this whole record sounds a bit like if Sarah Connor from Terminator was actually Chillwave, and Chillwave was being chased by the Terminator, but then got all badass at the end in a factory, or something. What we are trying to say, is that if you add the reverb washed Dreamlike  laments of Chillwave, those beautiful moods, add add them to the relentless march and sonic adventurousness of midlands post-Industrial, you get Moscow Youth Cult (who you occasionally get the feeling have been hanging out with Disco). Does a melting pot like this work? Well, if you listen to tracks like Happiness Machines, the title track, with it’s distant, space age, funk or the factory Pop of Break-In Work-Out the answer is a resounding ‘yes’. And there are time when it feels like it shouldn’t, but it really does. Moscow Youth Cult’s Happiness Machines is definitely worth checking out.

♫ Moscow Youth Cult – Survivasm

Moscow Youth Cult – Love>Lore

Moscow Youth Cult – Phase IV

♫ Moscow Youth Cult – Iris

Happiness Machines is released 30th July.

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